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Saturday, April 14, 2007

From walking to running

Just like that! He's now running around flapping his arms wildly - it's so damned cute!! He's also taken to picking toys and things up and walking around with them, thinking he's really important. It's adorable. He's adorable. That's all really, that's all I came on to say. Probably wont be posting for quite a while with the big move coming up, we'll be busy packing, cleaning and sorting out the new place. Not sure when the comptuer will be set up there either cause we wont even have an office or spare room till we converted the shed into one. Will try to post before we move though - even if it's just some latest pics. Ta ta - bed calls, I'm buggered from scrubbing the filthy new place all day.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

1 year old little boy

Watch the video above!!! You just HAVE to! Really you do.

What a lovely birthday Caelan had! It started with us taking him to Jansens petshop after breakfast to look at all the animals - which he always loves, well apart from the huge blue tongued lizards! He thought they were disgusting. He was watching them and copying their tongue inny-outty motions while shaking his head no cause he didn't like them. Very funny. Chris and I were soooooooo tired from being up till 2am making his cake. But my lord it was worth it! It was THE BEST cat cake in the world, we did very well. Of course it had to be a cat cake cause they're his favourite thing ever. He loved it and loved having cake for the first time too. His birthday party was at 3pm and it was sooooo great. He was spoiled silly and loved it. He stole the show with his walking as we'd kept it quiet for a few days cause we wanted everyone to find out when he did it on the day. Twas super cool. He's fully into it now and walking all over the place. It's so awesome! Oh and Caelan said "bye" today, and something that never usually happens - he did it while I was videoing him. Yay! I was about to stop videoing so I said bye and waved to him and he said it back and waved. Our clever little boy.