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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Still not walking

Everything's going really well with our soon to be one year old. He's still happily barking when you ask him what dogs do, he's now started meowing as well which is super cute. And kisses pictures of cats in books - well they are his favourite! hehe Thankfully the screaming NNNOOOOOOOO when he's told no has stopped, didn't like that at all! He's still not walking, just the 4 or so unaided steps that he'll do between Chris and I, which he's been doing for a while. We thought he'd definitely be walking before he turns one, but now it's not seeming so. Even though he's been walking around the furniture and walls etc. since 9 months and walking holding our hands for yonks before that - ah well, you never can predict these things huh? He absolutely LOVES walking and running around behind his trolley, his favourite game is to chase Toa around - so cute!! They play so well together, is gorgeous to watch. They're becoming closer friends every day - gonna be best of friends soon and always together I'm sure. There's probably way more to update on but I just can't think of it right now sorry!

Here are some of the latest photos:
1. Making playdough for the first time, so much fun!
2. Chasing Toa.
3. All tangled in the mosquito net and really hot!

Monday, March 05, 2007

What a great weekend

It was soooo lovely! :) The three of us went out to dinner on Saturday night, to a "real" restaurant. We'd taken him to cafes and the like before but never a real restaurant. Soooo we did and he was just the best :) We went to MKOP in Mission Bay and he had a great time watching all the people and action outside on the footpath below. It's his favourite restaurant now! haha He had a seafood pasta and really loved it, which made me happy (I so don't want him to be a fussy eater like me). It had mussels, scallops, squid rings and all sorts of horrid seafood (well to me anyway!) but he gobbled it all up and really enjoyed it. Yay for him! He also had some of my chicken dish and Chris' duck - loved both of them too. He was so well behaved, drinking his glass of water nicely and not getting food all over his good clothes :) He had a really good time and was so happy. It was awesome! After dinner we wandered down the road to get some frozen yoghurt waffle cones for dessert, really slowly! Caelan walked in between us - everyone eating out on the footpath stopped to watch - it really was VERY cute! Then it was over the road to the park where Katchafire were playing. Caelan was in his element - real, live, loud music to dance to. He loved dancing with the thousands in the park! It was a cute, cute sight - this little bubba dancing in amongst all the big people. Everyone around thought it was gorgeous too - of course! hehe I really wish I had the video camera with us cause it was just adorable. Didn't even have the still camera dammit!

Yesterday was the annual Childrens Day and to celebrate our one we took him to The Teddybears Picnic. It was a really fun day, he took the bear that Grandma made and off we went with our picnic. So many kids and their teddybears all picnicing together - I've never seen that many teddybears in one place! There were heaps of activities for kids like face painting, bouncy castles, rides, games, shows, heaps of stuff happening all day. It was good fun to sit there amongst it all. Caelan's friends Lily, George and Finn met us there too - lotsa fun for all.

Caelan's talking is getting really good now. Over the last couple of days he's "saying" a lot more and really copying everything we say. And we've just noticed in the last few days that he's now saying ta when he wants something and thankyou when he gets it - though the thankyou isn't said properly, it's just copying the sound the word makes but we can tell everytime he does it that it's definitely thankyou. VERY CUTE!!! So along with his "yum" when he's eating something he likes and the others that he's been doing a while we're getting there! Oh and he sometimes will bark when you ask him what dogs do - though this is very hit and miss! And the barks aren't real bark sounds they're done through a closed mouth cause I don't think he's worked out how to do them properly. Still it's pretty damned clever. Oh and another new thing is he will sniff something when you tell him to smell it. It's very funny.