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Monday, December 21, 2009

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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Diarrhea and blood, lots of it

It's been a looooong time since I posted properly. What's been going down? Well Caelan and Siahn have been overseas for a holiday now. We all went to Australia and they loved it, though the beginning was not so fun. A few days before we left Caelan started vomiting and unfortunately it wasn't over with by the time we left. They were both pretty sick on the flight over, Siahn slept most of the way, combined with explosive issues of the diarrhea variety, and Caelan didn't want to eat and was sad and quiet. It was pretty sad because we really wanted them to enjoy their first plane trip. We caught a couple of trains to our hotel and within an hour of checking in Caelan had vomited three times in our room and Siahn had had yet another MAJOR diarrhea explosion. Chris and I were scrubbing the bed and carpet by the bed, the carpet outside the bathroom and the tiles and walls in the bathroom. Yes, and walls. I don't know how such a little boy managed to get so much coverage. Needless to say, we were moved into another room. We caught LOTS of trains which was exciting at first and then just plain painful with two sick kids. They were better after the first few days and all was good from then on. Siahn had her first leech experience, we'd put her to bed for a day sleep at my fathers place, after three hours Chris said he was going to check if she was still alive (jokingly of course!). He went in and saw a black slimy thing wrapped around her ankle and just about shat himself. He instantly thought a black snake had gotten in. When he picked her up, the snake came too, he then saw that the "snake" was a leech. VERY fat and full after so long feeding on our wee girl. We got it off and she bleed for hours, literally hours. Bloody leech. It was such a lovely holiday and the kids were great. Though it was SOOOOO great to get home and have our kids in their own room AWAY from us. hehe Two weeks with us and the kids in the same room was too much thanks. They didn't sleep as well, which of course meant we didn't. But it was awesome and they were awesome and had a lovely time. Yay!

Siahn's bloody leech bite got infected a couple of weeks after we got home. Weird that it took so long but it did. Dr gave us some magic cream and it finally got better, she still has a wee scar but I'm sure it'll go. Caelan started at Clevedon Kindy when we got back and loves it. Drop offs are so much better now, which makes me a happy Mama. Another major was - we cut Caelan's hair off. He'd been getting upset about people always thinking he was a girl and the kids always calling him a girl. He really wanted short hair "like a mans" so I subconsciously did it. hehe I was trimming his hair and one the phone at the same time, my subconscious took over and cut and cut while I wasn't paying attention. Opsy. He loves it. He now has a mohawk and looks awesome and super duper cool. Though I miss his long hair and soft cool 70s surfer dude look. I also loved how he was different, he wasn't just like all the other boys with short hair. But he loves his short hair, that's all that matters.

We've had a bad couple of days, it started two nights ago with Caelan screaming in the middle of the night with a major fever. He's been crying a lot and has bad crazy temperatures, not quite getting to 40 but just under. We had him in his undies and wiping him down with a cold flannel to bring it down. Yesterday I was cuddling a crying, hot, naked boy on the couch, wiping him down to cool him down and Siahn was playing in the bucket we'd bought in for Caelan to vomit in. He hadn't used it yet though ok?! hehe Then bang, the bucket tipped over and Siahn, who'd been standing in it fell against the coffee table, connecting with her mouth. Lots of blood and screaming, so much blood, it was really scary and she wouldn't stop crying for ages. Took them both to the doctor and Caelan has a stomach bug, which we knew based on the diarrhea and temps. Siahn may need stitches in her lip, her teeth went right through her lip. My poor wee girlie. She has a massive cut on the inside and a small hole on the outside where one tooth must have come out. She couldn't eat dinner last night cause it was so sore and swollen and started bleeding again when she tried. So I went out for iceblocks, they had an iceblock each for dinner. Today her lip was very purple and swollen and sore. Whenever she eats she cries and says "Lip" when she's crying. Towards the end of the day it was obviously feeling better. So tomorrow morning we'll find out if she needs stitches if it wasn't binding on it's own - I'm no doctor but I think it looks like it's doing good. We'll see. Oh and Caelan will be having a whole lot of tests done for his stomach. He's always got a sore stomach, sometimes worse than others, when he says his stomach is sore and I ask him if he thinks he's going to spew or if it's a different sore, he replies with "No, it's just my normal sore stomach". And he's always got diarrhea, sometimes worse, but always diarrhea and Siahn's the same. That's not fair. I've suffered my whole life with stomach issues and pain - I dont want my kids to go through that so we're gonna find out what's going on. I'm gonna wait till he's feeling better because all of these tests wont be fun while he's sick. Poor little boy has had many many diarrhea accidents with this horrible stomach bug - I hope he's better tomorrow cause it's his Kindy Christmas Party tomorrow and it would be so sad if he misses it. Here's hoping he has a better night sleep tonight and wakes up feeling much better.

I'll post some pics in the next few days.