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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Caelan is going to marry me and Siahn will marry Daddy...

... and we will all live together for ever. Well that's what Caelan said is going to happen anyway. We were hanging out in the lounge one evening a week or so ago and he says to me "Mama, what does marry mean?". I explain that it is what a man and lady do sometimes when they love each other and know they want to spend their whole life together - they get married. I pointed to our wedding photos and explained that is when Daddy and I got married because we knew we always wanted to be together and that we love each and want to have a family together. I said to him when you're an adult you might meet a girl that you love and want to be with forever and you might marry her and you will live with her and maybe have kids too. He responded with "No, I don't want to marry her, I don't want to marry anyone else. I want to marry you Mama and we will always live together because I love you". This is when Chris says "But what about me? I'm married to Mama", Caelan says "You can marry Siahn and we will all live together forever". God he's gorgeous :)

Caelan now doesn't have training wheels on his bike. The day we took them off and I watched him riding so well without them I nearly cried. I was hugging him and telling him how awesome he was with eyes full of tears, he looked at me with his beaming face and looked a little concerned. I explained that I was just really, really, really happy and proud of him and that's why I'm nearly crying. hehe It's amazing to watch him being such a big boy and doing so well. He feels so proud too. When he finds it hard to start off though I feel so sorry for him, trying and not getting it and trying again and not getting it. He kept trying and then asked me if we can put his training wheels back on. Poor wee boy. But he's doing so well, it's just getting the hang of starting off that he finds difficult. He's so used to putting both his feet on the pedals and starting to pedal. So he's still trying to do that and of course, can't. When he gets it going though he soooooo good and goes for ages, pedaling along and steering. My boy is growing up way too fast.

He's way more confident with the horses now too and can lead them around by himself and make sure they listen to him and go where he wants, and not eat when they're not supposed to. It's adorable watching him walk around the paddocks leading them and talking to them the entire way. So lovely.

He'd been getting bullied at "school" which was so hard to deal with. I wanted to whack the little shit being mean to my boy!!! hehe He said to me one day on the way home after I'd picked him up "I don't like going to school Mama", "Why not Caelan", "Because Kanye is always mean to me". That broke my heart. He'd told me about a few times when Kanye had punched him in the stomach or pushed him over. As much as I hated it, I thought kids do that, I asked him if he told a teacher and he said no that he just cried, I told him he must tell a teacher when anybody does anything like that. But when he said that I got so sad for him. We had a big talk about it and I told him that we'd talk to the supervisor the next day about it and make sure they know what's happening and to keep an eye on it. I can't believe this shit is already happening.

He's also has said quite a few times that a lot of the older kids from a different centre (which he'll be going into soon) be mean to him and call him a girl all the time. I say to him that he should just tell them he's a boy not a girl and to walk away and try not to listen and let it upset him. It's because of his hair, he's always had people thinking he's a girl. Most strangers that see him think he's a girl - I don't know how. He doesn't look like a girl, he doesn't dress like a girl. Morons. *mutter, mutter* It sucks too because he has a pink striped pair of thermal leggings that he loves (we got them on sale for Siahn to grow into but he loves them and wears them), they're his favourite and often he asks to wear them. I tell him that they're not really for wearing out anywhere like school, or playgroup or anything like that but he can still wear them. A wee while ago he said "Pink is for girls isn't it Mama?", I told him that it's mainly girls who like pink but if he likes pink that's fine and there's nothing wrong with it, he said "I shouldn't have my tights (that's what he calls them), but I really like them, but I shouldn't should I?". I told him that if he likes them then it's fine, my poor wee boy. He wears them every now and then and if anyone calls him a girl or teases him for it I swear I'll kick them. He's just a little boy and there's nothing wrong with liking different things. GOD!

Siahn's great, she's a crazy eat machine. It's insane, she gets frantically hungry so soon after eating and is nearly crying again saying "Eat! Eat! Eat!" while trying to climb into her highchair. Yesterday I was working and she came up to me crying saying "Bib. Bib. Bib" over and over shoving a bib in my hands, I asked her if she wanted me to put it on and she said "Yeah. Bib. On", so I put the bib on. She then turned around immediately and ran to the kitchen saying "Eat! Eat! Eat!" and then "Up. Up. Up" when she got to her highchair. She definitely got Chris' appetite and metabolism! It's crazy.

She's so into doing stuff. Really not that happy to just hang (understatement of the year there! LOL She cries constantly unless she's doing something and kept entertained). She loves riding her bike up the driveway with Caelan. Really loves riding Valentine (her horse), well actually any of them, she wants to get on all of them. She's such a girl too, loves dressing up, putting shoes on and her absolute love is baby dolls. She loves them - much to my disgust! haha

She's talking heaps now. Totally blowing us away with everything she can say now. I don't know how it all happens, suddenly they're just talking heaps and blowing you away. You go from being able to count the words they know to not even attempting because it's just way to impossible. She's a very determined wee thing - LOL - she throws fits if she's not happy with how things are going and stamps her feet and throws herself to the floor. Neato. We're gonna have fun when she's a toddler. hehe

Caelan told me that he'd like another two babies, another boy and another girl - they will be called Ozy and Mack. Of course they will! I said to him "Don't you think it'd be cool if we were just us how we are now? Me, Daddy, you and Siahn?" "No. We need another two babies". No highly likely sorry Caelan, considering I can't carry anymore babies and Daddy's had the big snip. hehe But who are we to burst his bubble?