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Monday, May 18, 2009

Our little girl is 1 year old

Siahn turned one last Wednesday, so so so so so so freakin' crazy. I don't understand how it's possible! We gave her presents to her in the morning and she loved them - we decided to start a Little People collection for her and got a tractor and trailer with farmer and cow. It's so cute. One of Caelan's teachers got her two Little People girls so we decided that we should start getting those for her. There are so many cool Little People things to get and she really loves playing with them. The good thing about them is she'll play with them for years too. So yay Dee for giving us the idea! We had a lovely birthday hanging with the Coopers in the morning and having a lovely birthday lunch there before coming home for a late sleep.

We've got a student nanny at the moment for two weeks, last week was her first week and Siahn was a NIGHTMARE!! She screamed whenever Seanney looked at her, I couldn't leave the room without Siahn screaming and having a major meltdown. Poor Seanney couldn't do anything, when she tried to comfort Siahn or pick her up Siahn would scream harder and run away. Funny sight! But shit it got annoying. Things improved greatly on Friday afternoon and I'm soooooo happy to say that today was also good. YAY!!! That was horrible, it's supposed to be a help but I couldn't do anything. I did way less that I would have done had I not had Seanney here, couldn't do a thing because Siahn was so strange about Seanney being here. Thank god it's over now!

Siahn is walking everywhere now. So cute. I just love that toddly new walk, it's adorable. I get kinda sad watching it and thinking that I'll never experience these things again. It really does go so fast!

Siahn's birthday party was on Saturday and it was lovely. Chris' father, grandfather and brother came along with the Coopers and the Dunns - lovely party. Both kids had a late sleep after the party and I slept on the couch - yay for sleeping kids and me actually being able to sleep. Loved it! I was up till just after 3am - crazy! The cake had us up until 2am and then I was mad and on the computer for the rest of the time. Psycho! The cake turned out so well though, it was so much fun doing a pretty girly cake. Loved it! It was a fairy toadstool house - yay for girlie stuff! I loved it :)

I'll post more pics later, but here are a few.