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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Guy Fawkes

I forgot to post these ages ago! We didn't get to go to the Clevedon fireworks show this year because Boo at the Zoo was on the same night, which is a shame because it was such a cool night and Caelan loved it last year. He still remembers it and talks about it. Though Boo at the Zoo was also damned cool so we're really glad we got to go to that, and Caelan loved being a penguin. He was the cutest penguin ever! I think I've got a pic of him on my phone so I'll post that as well soon.

On Guy Fawkes night we had some fireworks here after Siahn went to bed and Caelan really loved it. It was so much fun! Just Chris, Caelan and I, we all had heaps of fun.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fuckin' reflux may be the death of me yet

Argh!!!! We've just gone downhill after a pretty good patch and I swear I might die. Second time round sucks big time, everyone kept saying it would be easier as we'd been through it before. But really it's harder, with a demanding 2 year old to look after, no chance of rest, constant wake-ups throughout the night and no breaks. Combine that with the screaming of a 6 month old with reflux that's just gone belly up again and you have one very, very stressed out Mama struggling to cope.

So now it seems there was no supply problem at all, it was just the start of reflux rearing it's ugly arsehole of a head again. She's outgrown her current dose and we need to up it, until then things are gonna be fun, fun, fun. haha NOT! Though my Plunket nurse must have felt my desperate vibes because she called to see how things were, didn't go into detail just told her that we'd hit a bad patch again and things were pretty hard. She is great and remembered things we'd discussed in the past and said "That must be really hard not having family around and not getting the regular breaks you need when you have a baby with reflux, they're really difficult and it's vital", I nearly cried. She said she'd call some family support company to get them to contact me and see what they can help with. They called a wee while ago and will contact me next week to discuss what I'd need and how they can help, even if they just come over to help with housework and watch kids so I can sleep. Yay! Cause bloody hell I'm exhausted! I've had the same damned sore throat for over a month now, I have constant headaches and after the cold that I had and getting mastitis 3 or so weeks ago I just don't want it again. I know it's all because I'm rundown, stressed and tired but mastitis is horrible and evil and I thought I was gonna die having it and looking after these two! I sooooo don't want it again please. And this life I live is a welcoming invitation for it. Ek.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

She talks

Well not in words words but she thinks she is. As of this afternoon she's been jabbering away in la la la la la and ya ya ya ya ya and da da da da words and getting very shitty at me for my boobs not supplying enough milk. She was growling at me and really telling me off. Poor funny girl! Hopefully I can sort this supply issue out soon. For the last two days she's been feeding really badly, obviously hungry, getting on and then pulling off and arching and crying and being pretty damned pissed off about it all. Obviously the first thing I thought of was reflux but I don't think so because she seems ok otherwise, still pretty happy and smiley, so I think it could be supply. Will check it all out and sort it for her.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Sick, sick, sick

Come on summer! We've all been sick for ever it feels like - but thankfully everyone is getting better (apart from me) now. The sickness for the last over a month has made their sleeping really shitty. We've had them both waking a million times a night and not settling for way too long. Caelan's getting sorted now (only woke once last night and settled quickly) but Siahn is really broke! She wakes a kabillion times and screams for ever. We're totally over it. It's hard, hard work being sick for ever, never getting more than 5 hours sleep and working constantly and never having a break. Does not make for very happy parents! Ah well - that's all part of being a parent huh? Still it makes me want to kick those people that have lots of support and regular breaks but still moan, hehe, the green eyed monster certain takes over us. Just as well Caelan and Siahn are damned cute though, just as bloody well.

Caelan's good - totally crazy and driving us to distraction just about all the time! haha He now has his big boy bike which is super duper cute to watch him riding around on. He sings constantly. Shouts and screams at the top of his lungs sporadically for no apparent reason. Gets super excited and spazzes out nearly hitting Siahn in a fit of I don't know what. Is super duper sweet and adorable to Siahn - this morning while I was making his daycare lunch she woke up and started crying, he went running in there and said in a really cute happy voice "Good morning Siahn! Did you have a good sleep pretty girl?". I just about cried! He then went to get a car and put it in her cot for her to look at saying "Here little girl, you can play with this car. Good girl!". I then went rushing in having visions of him beating her over the face with the car and said that it's really lovely he's sharing his toys with her but she shouldn't really have toys in her cot. So he got it out, I went back to rushing to get the lunch done, she cried as he walked away from her and he called back "It's ok Siahn, I'm just putting my car away and then I'll come back and Mama will be here soon, she's just making my lunch" and then "See I'm back now, it's ok little girl". He is sooooooo adorable! Though he is also a monster - he whacked her over the head with a big rattle really hard last week. Oh dear. He's growing up soooo fast - it's sad and great all at once.

Siahn's good too - sleeping really really badly and driving us insane though! Lordy, lordy for a baby that doesn't have reflux, screaming marathons and sleep issues. But then that baby wouldn't be ours! Damn my family and our crappy reflux, intolerances and stomach issues - damn us. It sucks that I gave our children this evil, evil, evil maggoty thing. Ah well - they're damned cute though :) She's a constant spew machine and I'm sick of all the washing, cleaning spew off the couches and smelling revolting. Oh for a baby that isn't constantly leaking as well. She's really not interested in rolling has done it less than five times I think. But she's sitting up all the time and loves doing this to play. Perhaps she'll be slower at doing things and we'll feel like we've got a baby for longer - that would be great. Because she's our last one, it would be really nice to have a baby for a bit longer - it's always felt like Caelan's growing up too fast and doing things too soon.

She's not that interested in solids, actually she's getting there now but it definitely took longer for her to get into it than Caelan. She has 3 meals a day and is getting more into it. She had sushi for the first time last weekend and loved it - just like Caelan did at 5 months too! She has rice bubbles for breakfast in the morning at the table with Caelan, it's so cute. She drinks water well from a little cup and enjoys it. Though drinking milk from a bottle - NO WAY! Same dramas we had with Caelan from not doing it regularly enough - pain in the bum. She's such a smiley happy wee girl though really, she just doesn't like to sleep and protests loudly about it a lot of the time.

I need to make sure I video them more! Haven't done it for ages and we just need to. Here are the latest photos.