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Friday, October 27, 2006

We have a grumpy one

Caelan's been really grizzly and unhappy for the past couple of days. Not sure what's up - we're thinking maybe more teeth (god help me! Ouch). He's been rubbing his ears a lot again and crying a lot for seemingly no reason and not being able to be calmed. Poor wee thing. When he's not crying he seems sad, not really interested in toys or us, just stares off into nothingness looking unhappy - there are none of the gorgeous smiles and no chuckling or squeeling laughter. Hope he comes right soon - I miss my boy! Yesterday he wasn't interested in feeding, completely missed his 3pm feed - just bit and screamed everytime I tried to feed him. Tried a few times over the two hours he was up but nope he didn't want to know about it. He spent over an hour straight crying. Poor little guy, nothing would help so I just held him while he cried. He had his 11am feed and then the next fed wasn't till 7pm - and only for about two minutes that time before the biting and crying started again. He refused completey this morning as well - bit and cried. All we can think of is teething - or perhaps he's just having a bad couple of days for no real reason (we all know what that's like huh?). Hope he feels better soon.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Underwater swimming

Caelan went under the water on Saturday at swimming - he was sooo good! He doesn't care too much for the water in his eyes but really didn't mind the whole being under at all. It was actually a little scary waiting for his turn - I was excited and nervous all at once. He was the second to go and of course he was fine though. He just loves swimming so much, so glad we decided to take him!

He can pretty much sit up by himself now, we have the odd topple over but he's doing real well. Still no more progress on the crawling front though - he gets up onto his hands and knees and does the 'I'm-gonna-crawl-soon' rock but that's about it. He does go backwards everywhere though - this morning he jammed himself under the hall table and couldn't get out. Funny guy. That's some travelling from the lounge where I put him facing the other direction! Teeth are growin' nicely, still just the two at this stage and I'm hoping it stays that way till he's a year old when I can stop breastfeeding! He's really naughty with the biting - just thinks it's hilarious, grins and giggles while he's biting down real hard. OUCH! I do the firm "No" and stop feeding for a while before starting again but it just doesn't work. I push his face into the boob so he can't breath and lets go - doesn't work, makes him giggle and bite harder. In the weekend he had a good time of it - didn't feed at all just bit, everytime it was feeding time he'd just bite and laugh, bite and laugh. When I would say "No" he'd just bite harder and giggle through clenched teeth. Not fun. Not at all fun. Thankfully by the end of the weekend he was actually feeding again and not biting anymore. It's a dangerous thing this breast feeding.

Where's Caelan?! Ohhhh that's him swimming under water!

That aint so bad Daddy.

Running my fingers through Olivia's hair.

Playing on Olivia's toys with Declan.

Wearing Mummy's hat - I'm so cool!

I've got teeth! Look!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Such a yummy age

It's so much fun - for all of us! Caelan's real happy, talkative and laughy - which makes for a happy Mummy and Daddy. He's sitting by himself now, he can sit and play with his toys for about five or so minutes before toppling over so we're definitely getting there. He's using his hands to stop himself falling a lot more now which is so cute to see, if he starts toppling to one side he'll put that hand down on the floor to stop him - clever wee thing.

On the food-front he's doing really well - eats bananas like a big person and takes things into his mouth, bites off a bit and chews it up before swallowing. WOW! He's just like a person!!! hehehe He bit Chris' finger the other day and only now does Chris feel sorry for me and my nipples - HA! Seeeeee it does hurt! He couldn't believe how hard and sore it was. Strong wee teeth for ones so small.

He's taken to waking at 6am rather than 7am which isn't so fun. Hopefully it ends soon! I got home this morning to find Chris and Caelan in bed together - real cute! :)

Monday, October 16, 2006

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Caelan the brave

He got his five month immunisations on Monday - over a month late but at least it's done now. He was such a brave boy and didn't even cry, I was really scared because the last two times he's screamed his poor wee head off, but this time he was great. Well he is over six months old ya know - he's a grown-up! hehe The nurses were all amazed at his size and couldn't get over how tall he is. It's great to have such a big, strong boy.

He was pretty sleepy for the rest of the day and a little grizzly but all in all he was pretty damned good. Unfortunately for Chris he woke at 6am on Tuesday morning screaming his head off and wouldn't settle, he screamed for over an hour. My poor boys! When I got home at about 7:15am they both weren't happy, Caelan had red swollen eyes and Chris was incredibly over the constant screaming. I know what that's like and it just aint fun when nothing will calm him. He wasn't hungry, he wasn't wet/pooey, he was just screaming. Caelan looked at me with his red puffy eyes, tears still rolling down his face and gave me a little smile - made me want to cry! That was probably to do with the immunisations I'd say. Apart from that all's fantastic.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Six months old and talkin'

Caelan turned six months on Saturday - holy moly he's half a year old! WOW!!! Ok I'd promised myself I wouldn't do that whenever I talk about how old he is, I know it's boring and I know you're probably rolling your eyes and saying "I know, I know, you can't believe it... Yeah, yeah, you're amazed and wonder how it happened... You say it all the time, you're shocked at how quickly the time goes by..." But OH MY GOD I REALLY AM!!! hahaha I'm sorry but how on earth do I have a six month old son?!?! Well of course I know HOW I have a son, we all know that - there were birds, and some bees, and I'm pretty sure there was a Chris there too... Annnnyway! He's six months old :)

Swimming rocked! He absolutely LOVED it. He had the bestest time and flapped and splashed the whole time - it was too cute. We knew he'd enjoy it as he loves bathtime but he really loved it - it was so lovely to watch. Chris got in the pool with him - it's their weekend time which is nice cause he spends heaps of time alone with Mummy. Also Mummy just about vomits at the idea of getting into togs!! hehe Though watching made me want to be in there with my guys. It was so awesome, I was smiling, giggling and snapping away madly, whilst feeling incredibly proud - 'My little boy is swimming!'. His friend George is taking the same class so they had a little chat in the pool (cute last photo).

AND he started saying dadadadaaa yesterday!! 'My little boy can talk!'. Wow this motherly pride this is pretty intense. We were in The Baby Factory and I heard this baby talking, well kinda shouting and I thought 'Hehe cute', kept walking 'Hang on!!!!! There are no other babies around!!!'. I spun around and looked at our little boy in his buggy talking. Ooohhhhh how excited I got. I think Chris thought I was crazy, but my lord it was so exciting. I think Caelan thought I was crazy too. Just like he'd been doing it all the time he was shouting and really happy about it. Yesterday was a great day - he was really happy and talkative, the cold had improved and the sun was a shinin'. Yesterday was a great day.

Anything else... Oh he's started to have the odd bit of finger food too. He's had apple and pear whenever I'm eating one and bread and banana. He thinks it's great. Tis a very messy exercise this feeding oneself but boy oh boy it sure is fun!

Oh and teeth, or I should say ow and teeth. He thinks it's really funny to use them now - youchy! The two bottom middle ones are out of the gums now, they're not very high yet thank goodness. It's all a happenin now - which reminds me, he can sit on his own for much longer now and has just worked out that he can put his hand down to stop him falling if he starts toppling over to one side. What a clever boy!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It all changes so quickly

He's got teeth!! They're not all the way up but they're a comin'. The bottom middle tooth on the right is level with the gums, but out of the gums and will be fully out in no time I'm sure. How exciting! That's all - just wanted to post that as I made a point to say he had none yesterday and just a day later THEY'RE HERE! Amazing. Well I'd better go get him so he can test them out on my nipples! hehe

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Still gummy

Aside from all the dribble, shoving everything into his mouth and rubbing, playing with ears and general grizzlyness - we have no signs of teeth. He's also got another cold dammit all - it started with coughing and sneezing in the weekend and now he's a snot machine again. He's one of those lovely babies that has snot running from his nose to his lip - nice!! I always said I'd NEVER have one of those too :) hehe It's also one of Chris' pet hates - we're now "those" parents, with a scungy baby who has a trail of snot from nose to mouth. Nice - he'll be sucking it in soon. Ugh - before I make myself sick I'll change the subject!

Saturday was ahhhh... great :) We were very prepared, got ready early, packed Caelan's bag, feed him - he had a small lunch so as not to be too full when swimming, cancelled an appointment to see a house and off we went. We were running early!! Awesome. I'd charged the camera batteries so there was no chance of running out. All morning and on the way there we kept telling Caelan he was gonna be swimming soon and how exciting that was. We get there (still early) and have pick of the carparks, waited for a while and then went to find out where the swimming pool was. The pool looked awesome - we got more excited. We then realised that we were a week early! hahaha I always knew it was on the 7th but for some reason I was a week ahead of myself. I asked Chris the date and he said it was the end of September. OPSY! hahaha We told Caelan it was a test run and now that we know the best way to get there, we're all prepared for next week. Poor little boy! Stupid parents!