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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Big bed

Here are some photos of Caelan's big bed, taken this morning.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Big boy in a big bed

Caelan's moved to a big boy's bed and it's gone so well. He's been in it since Saturday and there hasn't been a problem with the transition at all. YAY! What a clever kid. He thinks it's really cool and loves his bed - which is super cute to hear him say "Caelan's bed! Cooooool bed!".

Along with the big bed we've been focusing a little more on toilet training and although he hasn't actually gone on the toilet yet, he's sat there a lot and is getting used to it. He's not that keen, so if he really, really doesn't want to we don't do it. Don't wanna put him off completely, we're keeping it up and talking about it lots while trying to keep it as fun and positive as we can. He's asked to sit on the toilet a few times too which is good. We bought him some undies, which he was really excited about choosing in the shop, and he's had a full day in undies with a few accidents but at least he's learning about it all. He really is growing up so amazingly quickly.

His talking is AMAZING and progressing heaps all the time. His sentences are getting longer too which is really cool, he constructs them very carefully and corrects himself if he gets words around the wrong way. So cute and clever.

He's just had a really lovely time with Granddad Kevin and Jenny staying - sooooo great that it could happen. He enjoyed it heaps (we all did!) and is talking about you guys all the time now. :)

Latest photos:
1 - Christmas day wearing a cone as a fancy new hat.
2 - Good throw!
3 - Lenni (Caelan's cousin) and rein-horse Polly bringing the pressies.
4 - Rein-horse Polly.
5 - Riding his new quad Mama and Daddy got for Christmas.
6 - Tunnel!
7 - With Daddy.
8 - The biggest spoonful of rice bubbles.
9 - Bubbles.
10 - Doing the chores.
11 - In the fancy new undies.
12 - Brush teeth time.
13 - Just about to go to bed in the new big bed for the first time.
14 - Fun with Granddad.