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Thursday, March 27, 2008


Ginger bread rabbits Caelan decorated at the Easter Egg hunt day he went to in the weekend.

Finding his first Easter egg at the hunt.

Ooohhhh there's another one!

Hhmmmm, how do I get outta here?

Caelan's first real chocolate easter bunny from Makere, John and Lenni - he only ate the ears before a panicking Mama took it off him! hehe

Oooohhhhh and the braxton hicks I had after all that work... I told my midwife about them the following day and she looked at me in what looked like a combination of shock, anger and disbelief and promptly told me that they weren't braxton hicks, it was in fact a whole lot of uterine action and mild contractions from doing too much. She asked what I'd done in the weekend and couldn't believe it when I told her, I was told off and told to TAKE IT EASY! If I don't I will bring on labour and I don't want that do I?!?! No thank you. But it's all very well for her to say, she's not the one that has sooooo much to do it's just not funny. But I will try to slow down and make sure I don't push myself like that again.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Well he's been back an hour now and has gone wee wees on the potty twice. HORRAY! What a clever little boy.

He did poos in the potty! He did poos in the potty!

Yes siree Bob!! It was such an exciting time and he did it all by himself! I was doing the dishes, Chris was in the laundry and Caelan was playing in his room. He then called out to me "I push out wee wees on the potty Mama!", I went in to him and he was sitting on the potty, I asked him if he did a wee wee and he said "Yes!" really happily, I then smelled poos and asked him if he did a poo poo too and he answered "Yes I did!" proudly. I was soooooooo excited and happy and oh so proud. Chris rushed in with all the excitement and we had a big happy, excited time over it together. So cool! He took himself to the potty and did one's and two's all by himself!!! What a good clever little boy.

It was such a shame that we were so busy with painting and stuff because that would have been a great moment to really focus on it and keep it going, but as we had all the painting to do and he was going to grandma and granddad's for the day it had to get left for the rest of the weekend. It would have been great if we didn't have any plans and we could have just stayed home and gotten the toilet training fully sorted. We've been doing it for a while but not intensively because his interest wasn't always there and he didn't want to do it, but obviously after all the time of sitting on it and the toilet and us always talking about it and reading him his big boy book about going to the toilet/potty - he's ready and it happened. YAY!!!! So happy and proud :)

I had braxton hicks for the first time last night. It was so odd but nice - I really liked it because I didn't get any of them or the usual stuff with Caelan. After such a long, hard weekend of full-on work, we got into bed at about 12am after putting all the furniture back in the freshly painted room and it all started. It wasn't like tightening that some people have said they experienced it was more like really intense period pain low down which lasted about 30-60 seconds and then would ease off, then come back again after a few minutes. I immediately thought 'Cool, braxton hicks', but then did think 'Shit, hope I haven't pushed myself too hard over the weekend and bought on labour!' hehe But as I'm sitting here typing, obviously it wasn't the case!

It's so cool to have all the "normal" stuff this time round, really happy that this one is playing the game. Though I did get worried at the end of last week and think it had turned back - I went to lean forward and had a huge round thing under my ribs again. It really felt like a head, but there were a lot of big movements going on so could have been something else. Or it went back again - because it's definitely head down again now. I'm feeling really exhausted and sore after that weekend though. I'm in agony in my lower back and pubic region, bloody Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction!!!! Damn it to hell! It's quite different to when I had it with Caelan, the pain was mainly in my back with him, but this time around it's mainly in the front and WOW! talk about FREAKIN' sore!! I'll talk to the midwife about it today, she said to tell her when it got much worse and over the last two weeks it's gonna so much worse. I don't think my lack of taking it easy and putting my feet up and staying off my feet when possible as she said last time is helping. Opsy - but we've just got too much to do, it's just not possible. So due to doing the exact opposite to what I should have been doing all weekend, I'm in total agony now. After the first day of painting it was so intense that I couldn't focus on anything and had problems seeing. Last night - I wanted to cry when I walked. Ohhhh I think my boy is home - yay!! Gotta go now, I miss him so much when he's not here.

Monday, March 10, 2008

He woke up 32 this morning

Well so he reckons anyway! That was the first thing he said to me as soon as I went into his room this morning. He cried, I got out of bed, opened his door saying "Good morning", as soon as he saw me he said "I woke up 32!" I laughed asked "Did you?", "Yes. I woke up 32" he replied nodding seriously. Funny little kid. So before he's even turned 2 he's 32! hehe

He's still got his horrible hacking cough - over five months now. We hate it, it's so horrible to listen to him having these huge coughing fits every night. It sucks, we've gone a full circle! Started off with natural remedies - didn't work, tried a humidifier with eucalyptus oil - didn't work, antibiotics - didn't work, asthma medication, twice daily flixotide and ventolin as needed - did work. We're now back at square one - nothing worked at all. The poor little boy just coughs his guts out a billion times a night. It's not fair. So I'm going to look into different natural remedies, I have a naturopath friend who mentioned something that I'll try. Also, chronic cough in kids is sometimes caused by reflux so that's something to consider and get the doctor to look into more if we still get nowhere.

But aside from that he real good. Everything is going so well, he absolutely loving swimming and getting more used to Jo (the instructor) and having the other kids around him. Such a shy wee boy! He closes up heaps when anyone comes close to him and just clings to Chris, when he's given his space he's swimming and doing all the things he should. It's nice to see that getting a little better.

Well not long to go and he'll have a brother or sister and there's super good news on that front - the baby is now head down!!!!!! So excited and happy about this. We had to have a scan this morning to check the position and WAHOO it's head down. Super duper exciting. So this time I'll get a go at labour and birth as it should be - super cool! It's made me so happy because the prospect of having all our kids and not knowing what a contraction even feels like, let alone the rest of it was so sad to me. Now I get a turn too! LOL I'll probably hate it but at least I get a turn :)