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Monday, December 21, 2009

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Diarrhea and blood, lots of it

It's been a looooong time since I posted properly. What's been going down? Well Caelan and Siahn have been overseas for a holiday now. We all went to Australia and they loved it, though the beginning was not so fun. A few days before we left Caelan started vomiting and unfortunately it wasn't over with by the time we left. They were both pretty sick on the flight over, Siahn slept most of the way, combined with explosive issues of the diarrhea variety, and Caelan didn't want to eat and was sad and quiet. It was pretty sad because we really wanted them to enjoy their first plane trip. We caught a couple of trains to our hotel and within an hour of checking in Caelan had vomited three times in our room and Siahn had had yet another MAJOR diarrhea explosion. Chris and I were scrubbing the bed and carpet by the bed, the carpet outside the bathroom and the tiles and walls in the bathroom. Yes, and walls. I don't know how such a little boy managed to get so much coverage. Needless to say, we were moved into another room. We caught LOTS of trains which was exciting at first and then just plain painful with two sick kids. They were better after the first few days and all was good from then on. Siahn had her first leech experience, we'd put her to bed for a day sleep at my fathers place, after three hours Chris said he was going to check if she was still alive (jokingly of course!). He went in and saw a black slimy thing wrapped around her ankle and just about shat himself. He instantly thought a black snake had gotten in. When he picked her up, the snake came too, he then saw that the "snake" was a leech. VERY fat and full after so long feeding on our wee girl. We got it off and she bleed for hours, literally hours. Bloody leech. It was such a lovely holiday and the kids were great. Though it was SOOOOO great to get home and have our kids in their own room AWAY from us. hehe Two weeks with us and the kids in the same room was too much thanks. They didn't sleep as well, which of course meant we didn't. But it was awesome and they were awesome and had a lovely time. Yay!

Siahn's bloody leech bite got infected a couple of weeks after we got home. Weird that it took so long but it did. Dr gave us some magic cream and it finally got better, she still has a wee scar but I'm sure it'll go. Caelan started at Clevedon Kindy when we got back and loves it. Drop offs are so much better now, which makes me a happy Mama. Another major was - we cut Caelan's hair off. He'd been getting upset about people always thinking he was a girl and the kids always calling him a girl. He really wanted short hair "like a mans" so I subconsciously did it. hehe I was trimming his hair and one the phone at the same time, my subconscious took over and cut and cut while I wasn't paying attention. Opsy. He loves it. He now has a mohawk and looks awesome and super duper cool. Though I miss his long hair and soft cool 70s surfer dude look. I also loved how he was different, he wasn't just like all the other boys with short hair. But he loves his short hair, that's all that matters.

We've had a bad couple of days, it started two nights ago with Caelan screaming in the middle of the night with a major fever. He's been crying a lot and has bad crazy temperatures, not quite getting to 40 but just under. We had him in his undies and wiping him down with a cold flannel to bring it down. Yesterday I was cuddling a crying, hot, naked boy on the couch, wiping him down to cool him down and Siahn was playing in the bucket we'd bought in for Caelan to vomit in. He hadn't used it yet though ok?! hehe Then bang, the bucket tipped over and Siahn, who'd been standing in it fell against the coffee table, connecting with her mouth. Lots of blood and screaming, so much blood, it was really scary and she wouldn't stop crying for ages. Took them both to the doctor and Caelan has a stomach bug, which we knew based on the diarrhea and temps. Siahn may need stitches in her lip, her teeth went right through her lip. My poor wee girlie. She has a massive cut on the inside and a small hole on the outside where one tooth must have come out. She couldn't eat dinner last night cause it was so sore and swollen and started bleeding again when she tried. So I went out for iceblocks, they had an iceblock each for dinner. Today her lip was very purple and swollen and sore. Whenever she eats she cries and says "Lip" when she's crying. Towards the end of the day it was obviously feeling better. So tomorrow morning we'll find out if she needs stitches if it wasn't binding on it's own - I'm no doctor but I think it looks like it's doing good. We'll see. Oh and Caelan will be having a whole lot of tests done for his stomach. He's always got a sore stomach, sometimes worse than others, when he says his stomach is sore and I ask him if he thinks he's going to spew or if it's a different sore, he replies with "No, it's just my normal sore stomach". And he's always got diarrhea, sometimes worse, but always diarrhea and Siahn's the same. That's not fair. I've suffered my whole life with stomach issues and pain - I dont want my kids to go through that so we're gonna find out what's going on. I'm gonna wait till he's feeling better because all of these tests wont be fun while he's sick. Poor little boy has had many many diarrhea accidents with this horrible stomach bug - I hope he's better tomorrow cause it's his Kindy Christmas Party tomorrow and it would be so sad if he misses it. Here's hoping he has a better night sleep tonight and wakes up feeling much better.

I'll post some pics in the next few days.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Caelan is going to marry me and Siahn will marry Daddy...

... and we will all live together for ever. Well that's what Caelan said is going to happen anyway. We were hanging out in the lounge one evening a week or so ago and he says to me "Mama, what does marry mean?". I explain that it is what a man and lady do sometimes when they love each other and know they want to spend their whole life together - they get married. I pointed to our wedding photos and explained that is when Daddy and I got married because we knew we always wanted to be together and that we love each and want to have a family together. I said to him when you're an adult you might meet a girl that you love and want to be with forever and you might marry her and you will live with her and maybe have kids too. He responded with "No, I don't want to marry her, I don't want to marry anyone else. I want to marry you Mama and we will always live together because I love you". This is when Chris says "But what about me? I'm married to Mama", Caelan says "You can marry Siahn and we will all live together forever". God he's gorgeous :)

Caelan now doesn't have training wheels on his bike. The day we took them off and I watched him riding so well without them I nearly cried. I was hugging him and telling him how awesome he was with eyes full of tears, he looked at me with his beaming face and looked a little concerned. I explained that I was just really, really, really happy and proud of him and that's why I'm nearly crying. hehe It's amazing to watch him being such a big boy and doing so well. He feels so proud too. When he finds it hard to start off though I feel so sorry for him, trying and not getting it and trying again and not getting it. He kept trying and then asked me if we can put his training wheels back on. Poor wee boy. But he's doing so well, it's just getting the hang of starting off that he finds difficult. He's so used to putting both his feet on the pedals and starting to pedal. So he's still trying to do that and of course, can't. When he gets it going though he soooooo good and goes for ages, pedaling along and steering. My boy is growing up way too fast.

He's way more confident with the horses now too and can lead them around by himself and make sure they listen to him and go where he wants, and not eat when they're not supposed to. It's adorable watching him walk around the paddocks leading them and talking to them the entire way. So lovely.

He'd been getting bullied at "school" which was so hard to deal with. I wanted to whack the little shit being mean to my boy!!! hehe He said to me one day on the way home after I'd picked him up "I don't like going to school Mama", "Why not Caelan", "Because Kanye is always mean to me". That broke my heart. He'd told me about a few times when Kanye had punched him in the stomach or pushed him over. As much as I hated it, I thought kids do that, I asked him if he told a teacher and he said no that he just cried, I told him he must tell a teacher when anybody does anything like that. But when he said that I got so sad for him. We had a big talk about it and I told him that we'd talk to the supervisor the next day about it and make sure they know what's happening and to keep an eye on it. I can't believe this shit is already happening.

He's also has said quite a few times that a lot of the older kids from a different centre (which he'll be going into soon) be mean to him and call him a girl all the time. I say to him that he should just tell them he's a boy not a girl and to walk away and try not to listen and let it upset him. It's because of his hair, he's always had people thinking he's a girl. Most strangers that see him think he's a girl - I don't know how. He doesn't look like a girl, he doesn't dress like a girl. Morons. *mutter, mutter* It sucks too because he has a pink striped pair of thermal leggings that he loves (we got them on sale for Siahn to grow into but he loves them and wears them), they're his favourite and often he asks to wear them. I tell him that they're not really for wearing out anywhere like school, or playgroup or anything like that but he can still wear them. A wee while ago he said "Pink is for girls isn't it Mama?", I told him that it's mainly girls who like pink but if he likes pink that's fine and there's nothing wrong with it, he said "I shouldn't have my tights (that's what he calls them), but I really like them, but I shouldn't should I?". I told him that if he likes them then it's fine, my poor wee boy. He wears them every now and then and if anyone calls him a girl or teases him for it I swear I'll kick them. He's just a little boy and there's nothing wrong with liking different things. GOD!

Siahn's great, she's a crazy eat machine. It's insane, she gets frantically hungry so soon after eating and is nearly crying again saying "Eat! Eat! Eat!" while trying to climb into her highchair. Yesterday I was working and she came up to me crying saying "Bib. Bib. Bib" over and over shoving a bib in my hands, I asked her if she wanted me to put it on and she said "Yeah. Bib. On", so I put the bib on. She then turned around immediately and ran to the kitchen saying "Eat! Eat! Eat!" and then "Up. Up. Up" when she got to her highchair. She definitely got Chris' appetite and metabolism! It's crazy.

She's so into doing stuff. Really not that happy to just hang (understatement of the year there! LOL She cries constantly unless she's doing something and kept entertained). She loves riding her bike up the driveway with Caelan. Really loves riding Valentine (her horse), well actually any of them, she wants to get on all of them. She's such a girl too, loves dressing up, putting shoes on and her absolute love is baby dolls. She loves them - much to my disgust! haha

She's talking heaps now. Totally blowing us away with everything she can say now. I don't know how it all happens, suddenly they're just talking heaps and blowing you away. You go from being able to count the words they know to not even attempting because it's just way to impossible. She's a very determined wee thing - LOL - she throws fits if she's not happy with how things are going and stamps her feet and throws herself to the floor. Neato. We're gonna have fun when she's a toddler. hehe

Caelan told me that he'd like another two babies, another boy and another girl - they will be called Ozy and Mack. Of course they will! I said to him "Don't you think it'd be cool if we were just us how we are now? Me, Daddy, you and Siahn?" "No. We need another two babies". No highly likely sorry Caelan, considering I can't carry anymore babies and Daddy's had the big snip. hehe But who are we to burst his bubble?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy birthday message for Natalie


Caelan singing happy birthday to my sister and their aunty Natalie in Australia and Siahn saying hello and bye. We recorded it and uploaded it to Facebook for her, hope it worked. Hope you had the best day Nat! xox

Recorded on iPhone and posted with VR+ Lite.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bigger kidlets

Sheesh it's been a while huh? I must have been busy raising kids or something! LOL

Caelan's good, he's finally totally used to me leaving him at daycare. HORRAY!!! It only took just under 11 months to get a day without crying when I left him. Thank fark it's stopped now. It was so hideous and hard leaving him, when all I wanted to do was pick him up and run away with him and not make him be away from me. hehe But he needed it, otherwise he would have totally fell apart at school time. It took adding another day after he turned 3 to help with things, and the day we added was Monday which wasn't as busy. I think that's helped a lot too. Regardless, I soooooo happy he's happy :) He still gets a little sad about half the time but hardly ever cries now which is fan-freakin-tastic.

He's a biggun too, not that he was ever small, but he's super tall and a heavy 22kg. Just about breaks me to lift him these days! His favourite things at the moment are his little cars, plays with them for ages. It's so cute. He's loving learning as well, spells his name and recognises most letters and says what words start with them. Clever wee thing! He's a great brother too (some of the time!) and just about makes me cry with his sweetness and loveliness to Siahn. Then just about makes me chock him with his beating and evilness to her! hehe

Siahn's good. She's talking a lot more now - she says Mama, Dada, down, up, dog, nappy, hat, shoe, sock, poo, wee wee, cat, woof, meow, moo and a funny horse neighing sound. There are probably more but I can't remember right now. She's always saying stuff and talking frantically at us. Super duper cute.

Here's a whole lot of photos from the last four or so months - they're just crappy quality as only taken on my phone. Been soooooo slack with the camera lately and not been taking photos. Must make sure I get back into it AND the bloody video!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Our little girl is 1 year old

Siahn turned one last Wednesday, so so so so so so freakin' crazy. I don't understand how it's possible! We gave her presents to her in the morning and she loved them - we decided to start a Little People collection for her and got a tractor and trailer with farmer and cow. It's so cute. One of Caelan's teachers got her two Little People girls so we decided that we should start getting those for her. There are so many cool Little People things to get and she really loves playing with them. The good thing about them is she'll play with them for years too. So yay Dee for giving us the idea! We had a lovely birthday hanging with the Coopers in the morning and having a lovely birthday lunch there before coming home for a late sleep.

We've got a student nanny at the moment for two weeks, last week was her first week and Siahn was a NIGHTMARE!! She screamed whenever Seanney looked at her, I couldn't leave the room without Siahn screaming and having a major meltdown. Poor Seanney couldn't do anything, when she tried to comfort Siahn or pick her up Siahn would scream harder and run away. Funny sight! But shit it got annoying. Things improved greatly on Friday afternoon and I'm soooooo happy to say that today was also good. YAY!!! That was horrible, it's supposed to be a help but I couldn't do anything. I did way less that I would have done had I not had Seanney here, couldn't do a thing because Siahn was so strange about Seanney being here. Thank god it's over now!

Siahn is walking everywhere now. So cute. I just love that toddly new walk, it's adorable. I get kinda sad watching it and thinking that I'll never experience these things again. It really does go so fast!

Siahn's birthday party was on Saturday and it was lovely. Chris' father, grandfather and brother came along with the Coopers and the Dunns - lovely party. Both kids had a late sleep after the party and I slept on the couch - yay for sleeping kids and me actually being able to sleep. Loved it! I was up till just after 3am - crazy! The cake had us up until 2am and then I was mad and on the computer for the rest of the time. Psycho! The cake turned out so well though, it was so much fun doing a pretty girly cake. Loved it! It was a fairy toadstool house - yay for girlie stuff! I loved it :)

I'll post more pics later, but here are a few.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Got myself a crying, talking, sleeping, WALKING living doll

Yep, she walks! Siahn's been doing a few unaided steps for a while now but it's getting more and more and her confidence is growing. She just did around 10 steps while holding a toy - so freakin' cute!! She's adorable at the moment, really yummy.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Caelan is now a big 3 year old

He really is such a big boy, we look at photos taken that seem like it wasn't long ago and he looks so little. They change so quickly, he'll never be our cute little boy again. He's growing all the time and that time has gone now - it's really sad. But exciting too because who knows what he'll be in another year, there will be different things that we'll think are amazing and totally adorable. We're both a little sad about the little boy that's gone though. His birthday was an amazing day, Chris took the day off which was cool and we started with presents in the morning. As soon as he was awake we said happy birthday and told him there was something in the lounge for him. When he went in to find his new western saddle across the arm of the couch he was so excited, it was gorgeous. Then we gave him some more pressies from us, some books, a colouring book, some playdough and some car toys. Caelan and I then iced the cake he'd helped me make the night before which we were taking into daycare for a wee party with his friends and teachers there. The cake was an awesome moist rich chocolate cake baked with olive oil and melted dark chocolate mixed through - soooo good. I made a chocolate buttercream icing with more melted dark chocolate mixed through, then we decorated it with lollies.

Not the most amazing cake in the world but crickey it was yummy! We got to daycare at about 9am and hung out with Caelan there, after some morning tea and a play it was cake time. Caelan sat at the front with one of his favourite teachers and everybody sang happy birthday to him. It was soooo lovely, he then blew out his candles and cut the cake. Super duper cute and he handled being the centre of attention really well. I thought he might have found it a bit too much, being the crazily shy boy he is, but he did really well. Dee (the teacher) asked him how old he was and he told them all that he was three, he blushed pretty badly so I could see he found it quite hard but he sat there really well and looked at all the kids when he said he'd turned 3 and when asked what presents he got, he said as well while looking at Dee and then out to the kids. My lovely boy!

After cake and corn chips time it was play time and swimming. Caelan sooooo big compared to all the other boys, Chris was blown away. We know he's much taller and bigger because you can just see that when he's with others his age. But when they were all ready for swimming it's really noticable, he has a big body, not little like the rest. He looks like this massive kid, which he is but ya know, he really looks it. hehe He had so much fun swimming, he actually had heaps of fun the entire morning there and I think he must have just felt comfortable and confident because he knew we were staying with him and when we left, he was coming with us. It made a huge difference to how he was, even the teachers were commenting. And it's actually stayed, Kat (the supervisor of his centre) said it's like something changed immediately, he turned 3 and he's now much more confident, happy and talkative there. So nice to hear!

After more playing and hanging out with his friend Jeremy - lovely lovely little boy whose been friends with Caelan since day one. They're really cute to watch playing together, I felt really bad too because Caelan kept on talking about Jeremy and saying he'd be at his party and then when I explained that he wont be because I didn't invite him (apologising heaps for this!) he then kept saying that Jeremy wont be coming and that's really sad. Soooo I've now learned that just because we have heaps of kids coming anyway, I need to make sure I still invite his close friends :( Poor wee boy really wanted Jeremy there. Didn't seem like he noticed on the day though thank goodness! Anyway, we left his daycare at 12pm and asked him where he wanted lunch "A cafe" was his reply, we went to Denny's much to Chris' delight! hehe Caelan ordered for himself from the menu (which thankfully has pictures so he chose from the pictures) and loved his chicken nuggets and curly fries. From Denny's we headed to Chipmunks and OH MY GOD! That place is a wonderland!! We had so much fun. There was nobody else there and we had a ball, adults aren't allowed on the things but we said that Caelan wouldn't go on without us (which would have been true had there been any other people there), the girlie said that seeing as though nobody else was there it should be fine. We had the BEST time, running around crazily playing and climbing up all the amazing jungle gyms and going down the scary slides. Siahn is going to be an adrenalin junkie after all of the things she always does, she absolutely loved it. We all were playing on the big things that are for the older kids only, the preschool area just didn't cut it. hehe We played there for about 4 hours and then left for dinner. Caelan was allowed to chose what he wanted for dinner and it was initially rice and meat but after some coaxing from Chris it was changed to Wendys. Gggrrrrr! I was not impressed!! Chris' parents came over once we were home to see the birthday boy and give him his present which was a toy chainsaw and safety glasses - he was soooo happy when he opened it, absolutely loved it. What a fantastic day!! It's the best birthday that Chris or I have ever had and it wasn't even ours. hehe And most importantly Caelan really enjoyed it and had so much fun.

Chris and I had decided that The Wiggles Big Red Car cake was the one to have this year. He loves his Big Red Car we got from The Wiggles show and always says that he loves it, so it was obvious this had to be the cake. We searched and found the perfect cake and decided that we had to replicate it. But then realised we just didn't have the time. It was such hard for us because we love doing his birthday cakes and it feels great to do a cake themed to what he really loves at the time. But we knew there was no way we could do it so reluctantly started looking around for someone else to do, one of Chris' mothers friends does cakes so I made contact and emailed her the photos of the cake, which were fantastic because they were from all angles. She said she could do it. YAY! I must admit I was pretty bloody nervous leading up to it from some of her comments about how it was an amazing cake and it wouldn't look as good but she'd do her best. I was having a quiet heart-attack every time I got a text! I picked up the cake the day before and WOW - it was absolutely amazing! So great and just like the cake we wanted - so great in fact that I rang Chris saying we can't use this tomorrow, he got scared and thought it must have been really bad and then I said that it was way too cool and we just can't cut it up. I looked at it all the way home, driving really carefully and slowly (which is amazing for me!). Though I did have a wee panic when I noticed that The Big Red Car was now a left hand drive and Anthony was driving - that's not right! We all know that Sam is supposed to drive and Caelan knows that really well. I got out to open the gate and had to examine the cake, yay I was able to convert the car easily from left hand drive to right hand and Sam was then doing the driving, singing scooby doo wah. hehe Crisis over. Obviously the cake we found was made my an american and they changed the steering wheel to look more "normal" to them.

Aint it just the coolest?!?! She did such a great job, I had to text her and thank her so much, telling her how amazing she is and how much we love it. So happy and the faces are super cute, just like the faces on the original, so clever! Geoff is sleeping and Murray's looking up at the 3 candle - I love it and was really worried about what we were gonna do because I seriously didn't think I could cut it. hehe I decided I'd take the car off after he'd blown out the candles and cut the green tier first.

Party day arrived and Caelan was super duper excited about it, the roller coaster we hired was a hit, as was the trampoline filled with 150 balloons painstakingly blown up by Chris and I the night before. The kids played, did their Easter themed treasure hunt and ate lots. Caelan was soooo blown away when he saw the cake, the look on his face was priceless, as soon as he'd blown out the candles he reached for one of the headlights and ate it. As soon as he did that it was an invitation for the other kids around to follow his lead. Suddenly The Wiggles were getting decapitated and heads eaten. I tried to stop it all and take off the car but it was all over. So I gave up and just started cutting it.

All in all I think it was a great party and the kids had fun. Everybody got a pony ride and the rain pretty much stayed away, there were a few rainy patches but it cleared and everyone was able to play and ride and be crazy kids. YAY! In amongst the excitement we forgot to give Caelan the rest of his presents from us so in the evening he got more, the guitar was the winner I think. We knew he'd love it, he used to have a crappy little ukulele which broke a while ago, we got him a 30" (which is quarter size) real guitar. It's black which he thinks is super cool, he sings and plays it because "I'm a rock star aye Mama?". :)