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Monday, April 27, 2009

Got myself a crying, talking, sleeping, WALKING living doll

Yep, she walks! Siahn's been doing a few unaided steps for a while now but it's getting more and more and her confidence is growing. She just did around 10 steps while holding a toy - so freakin' cute!! She's adorable at the moment, really yummy.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Caelan is now a big 3 year old

He really is such a big boy, we look at photos taken that seem like it wasn't long ago and he looks so little. They change so quickly, he'll never be our cute little boy again. He's growing all the time and that time has gone now - it's really sad. But exciting too because who knows what he'll be in another year, there will be different things that we'll think are amazing and totally adorable. We're both a little sad about the little boy that's gone though. His birthday was an amazing day, Chris took the day off which was cool and we started with presents in the morning. As soon as he was awake we said happy birthday and told him there was something in the lounge for him. When he went in to find his new western saddle across the arm of the couch he was so excited, it was gorgeous. Then we gave him some more pressies from us, some books, a colouring book, some playdough and some car toys. Caelan and I then iced the cake he'd helped me make the night before which we were taking into daycare for a wee party with his friends and teachers there. The cake was an awesome moist rich chocolate cake baked with olive oil and melted dark chocolate mixed through - soooo good. I made a chocolate buttercream icing with more melted dark chocolate mixed through, then we decorated it with lollies.

Not the most amazing cake in the world but crickey it was yummy! We got to daycare at about 9am and hung out with Caelan there, after some morning tea and a play it was cake time. Caelan sat at the front with one of his favourite teachers and everybody sang happy birthday to him. It was soooo lovely, he then blew out his candles and cut the cake. Super duper cute and he handled being the centre of attention really well. I thought he might have found it a bit too much, being the crazily shy boy he is, but he did really well. Dee (the teacher) asked him how old he was and he told them all that he was three, he blushed pretty badly so I could see he found it quite hard but he sat there really well and looked at all the kids when he said he'd turned 3 and when asked what presents he got, he said as well while looking at Dee and then out to the kids. My lovely boy!

After cake and corn chips time it was play time and swimming. Caelan sooooo big compared to all the other boys, Chris was blown away. We know he's much taller and bigger because you can just see that when he's with others his age. But when they were all ready for swimming it's really noticable, he has a big body, not little like the rest. He looks like this massive kid, which he is but ya know, he really looks it. hehe He had so much fun swimming, he actually had heaps of fun the entire morning there and I think he must have just felt comfortable and confident because he knew we were staying with him and when we left, he was coming with us. It made a huge difference to how he was, even the teachers were commenting. And it's actually stayed, Kat (the supervisor of his centre) said it's like something changed immediately, he turned 3 and he's now much more confident, happy and talkative there. So nice to hear!

After more playing and hanging out with his friend Jeremy - lovely lovely little boy whose been friends with Caelan since day one. They're really cute to watch playing together, I felt really bad too because Caelan kept on talking about Jeremy and saying he'd be at his party and then when I explained that he wont be because I didn't invite him (apologising heaps for this!) he then kept saying that Jeremy wont be coming and that's really sad. Soooo I've now learned that just because we have heaps of kids coming anyway, I need to make sure I still invite his close friends :( Poor wee boy really wanted Jeremy there. Didn't seem like he noticed on the day though thank goodness! Anyway, we left his daycare at 12pm and asked him where he wanted lunch "A cafe" was his reply, we went to Denny's much to Chris' delight! hehe Caelan ordered for himself from the menu (which thankfully has pictures so he chose from the pictures) and loved his chicken nuggets and curly fries. From Denny's we headed to Chipmunks and OH MY GOD! That place is a wonderland!! We had so much fun. There was nobody else there and we had a ball, adults aren't allowed on the things but we said that Caelan wouldn't go on without us (which would have been true had there been any other people there), the girlie said that seeing as though nobody else was there it should be fine. We had the BEST time, running around crazily playing and climbing up all the amazing jungle gyms and going down the scary slides. Siahn is going to be an adrenalin junkie after all of the things she always does, she absolutely loved it. We all were playing on the big things that are for the older kids only, the preschool area just didn't cut it. hehe We played there for about 4 hours and then left for dinner. Caelan was allowed to chose what he wanted for dinner and it was initially rice and meat but after some coaxing from Chris it was changed to Wendys. Gggrrrrr! I was not impressed!! Chris' parents came over once we were home to see the birthday boy and give him his present which was a toy chainsaw and safety glasses - he was soooo happy when he opened it, absolutely loved it. What a fantastic day!! It's the best birthday that Chris or I have ever had and it wasn't even ours. hehe And most importantly Caelan really enjoyed it and had so much fun.

Chris and I had decided that The Wiggles Big Red Car cake was the one to have this year. He loves his Big Red Car we got from The Wiggles show and always says that he loves it, so it was obvious this had to be the cake. We searched and found the perfect cake and decided that we had to replicate it. But then realised we just didn't have the time. It was such hard for us because we love doing his birthday cakes and it feels great to do a cake themed to what he really loves at the time. But we knew there was no way we could do it so reluctantly started looking around for someone else to do, one of Chris' mothers friends does cakes so I made contact and emailed her the photos of the cake, which were fantastic because they were from all angles. She said she could do it. YAY! I must admit I was pretty bloody nervous leading up to it from some of her comments about how it was an amazing cake and it wouldn't look as good but she'd do her best. I was having a quiet heart-attack every time I got a text! I picked up the cake the day before and WOW - it was absolutely amazing! So great and just like the cake we wanted - so great in fact that I rang Chris saying we can't use this tomorrow, he got scared and thought it must have been really bad and then I said that it was way too cool and we just can't cut it up. I looked at it all the way home, driving really carefully and slowly (which is amazing for me!). Though I did have a wee panic when I noticed that The Big Red Car was now a left hand drive and Anthony was driving - that's not right! We all know that Sam is supposed to drive and Caelan knows that really well. I got out to open the gate and had to examine the cake, yay I was able to convert the car easily from left hand drive to right hand and Sam was then doing the driving, singing scooby doo wah. hehe Crisis over. Obviously the cake we found was made my an american and they changed the steering wheel to look more "normal" to them.

Aint it just the coolest?!?! She did such a great job, I had to text her and thank her so much, telling her how amazing she is and how much we love it. So happy and the faces are super cute, just like the faces on the original, so clever! Geoff is sleeping and Murray's looking up at the 3 candle - I love it and was really worried about what we were gonna do because I seriously didn't think I could cut it. hehe I decided I'd take the car off after he'd blown out the candles and cut the green tier first.

Party day arrived and Caelan was super duper excited about it, the roller coaster we hired was a hit, as was the trampoline filled with 150 balloons painstakingly blown up by Chris and I the night before. The kids played, did their Easter themed treasure hunt and ate lots. Caelan was soooo blown away when he saw the cake, the look on his face was priceless, as soon as he'd blown out the candles he reached for one of the headlights and ate it. As soon as he did that it was an invitation for the other kids around to follow his lead. Suddenly The Wiggles were getting decapitated and heads eaten. I tried to stop it all and take off the car but it was all over. So I gave up and just started cutting it.

All in all I think it was a great party and the kids had fun. Everybody got a pony ride and the rain pretty much stayed away, there were a few rainy patches but it cleared and everyone was able to play and ride and be crazy kids. YAY! In amongst the excitement we forgot to give Caelan the rest of his presents from us so in the evening he got more, the guitar was the winner I think. We knew he'd love it, he used to have a crappy little ukulele which broke a while ago, we got him a 30" (which is quarter size) real guitar. It's black which he thinks is super cool, he sings and plays it because "I'm a rock star aye Mama?". :)