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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bloody evil reflux will be the death of us!

Well I'd started a post a couple of weeks ago under this heading which was all doom and gloom, so I've deleted that and we'll start again :) Yes she has reflux, yes it sucks arse, yes we've had a pretty hard time with things for the last month or so but YES it's starting to feel a bit better. So I shall grab that with two hands and run with it! hehe Nothing like a bit of positivity! We've just increased her dose of losec so hopefully that kicks in soon and improves things even more. The last couple of days haven't been near as bad as what she'd been like, actually they've been damned good. YAY!!!! Aside from the bloody evil reflux she's doing really well, she's a happy girl when she's feeling good which is so lovely. She's now 6.36kg and 61cm long - so growing well. Yay!

Caelan's awesome, he's such a clever amazing little boy and such a good big brother :) He starts daycare soon - eeekkk! hehe But it'll be good - it'll be great for him and he needs to spend time away from me and get used to other people and trust other people. Also I really need it with Siahn being so difficult a lot of the time with the reflux, it's really hard with the two of them and feels horrible when he needs and deserves more time and attention than he's getting on her bad days. It's not fair for him, so due to me really needing a regular break (haha like having a reflux baby is a break!! LOL But at least I'll only have her and not a crazy toddler as well) we've done this. He starts on Tuesday the 19th of this month and I'll be taking him next week a few times for a couple of hours to get used to it with me around. We keep talking about daycare and have bought him a special new daycare bag, lunchbox and water bottle and he's excited about it all. Hope it goes ok because I'm worried about leaving my poor boy :( He's so shy and scared of other people - it'll be hard for him. But good, he does need it.

Here are some photos of them today :) Our little rock boy and sweet girl. hehe

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Vomit, jabs and Dora

Siahn is such a spew machine! We thought we had it bad in that department with Caelan, wow, she's SSSOOOOOO much worse. And the vomit washing is such a joy as well. She's heaps better in the discomfort levels relating to reflux though - much, much, much better. Her bad days are as often as Caelan's ok/good days, so although it's a pain in the arse to have another with reflux (that's being very mild as it was our worst fucking nightmare!), at least it's not as bad or worse than we first had it. She had her 6 week immunisations last Monday and even though I warned the nurse that she's a very loud screamer, she was still shocked at the volume that came from such a little baby. She's such a vocal protester about things, she was still doing this when the Dr have her the 6 week check over and he commented about it as well! hahaha All went well though, we've got Gaviscon to try first, though we haven't done this because it's such a drama to get in them and due to her protesting so voilently and loudly about everything and staying very worked up about things for so long we have been put off. Also we remember the drama forcing it into a screaming fighting Caelan before every feed - horrible, and it didn't do anything for him. But we've got to because if it gives her some comfort and lessens the crying and vomiting that would be awesome - I'll start today.

Caelan's great. He and I had some special Mama and Caelan time yesterday and went to the Dora show - he loved it! It was so nice to do something with him as well. Though poor Chris' special time with Siahn wasn't fun - she screamed pretty much the whole time. Caelan's doing really well at swimming too - getting more and more confident every week which is great. He now lets go of the sides and throws himself into the pool towards Chirs, even if Chris is far away. It's a pity it's the end of the term now, it goes so quickly! We'll have to work out things to do during these school holidays with Playgroup finished as well - hopefully it's not raining all the time otherwise he may go crazy shut inside this tiny house all the time with me and Siahn. Her screaming gets to him sometimes too, usually he's pretty good and tolerant of it, but when it's been going a long time he gets annoyed and last week shouted at her to "Stop crying please!!" when he was trying to watch The Wiggles. I totally understand what he feels like!! hehe