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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Nearly a year old!!

Holy gamolies!!! We'll be having a 1st birthday party soon. It's nearly been a year since we went into the hospital knowing that our little bubba would be bought into the world. Really doesn't seem like a year ago.

Well it's been a while since I last posted huh? Sorry loyal watchers! hahaha Right - well we still have no walking but we know he stays on these stages a while. He's very fast on his feet and walks everywhere using anything as support. He stands unsupported every now and then for quite a while so the balance is definitely getting better but really no further along since the last post. The main thing to write here is that the sleeping has improved!!! Wahooooooooo! He's back to sleeping through the night again and it's consistently - thank the lord! That was a hideous five months of night-waking. Dunno what started it but it definitely turned into a habit, that was worsened by colds, ear infections, stomach bugs, ear infections, colds, ear infections and ear infections. Soooooo after a long run we're all fixed up. HORRAY! He's due for his next immunisations and I've been putting it off cause I don't wanna wreck the niceness we're having. hehe But I'd better take him next week.

Caelan's such a dancer, just the hint of music and he's dancing away. It's adorable and real funny, he'll dance to Daddy's raps, he dances to Mama's silly songs, dances to ads on TV, dances to his piano, absolutely everything. So cute. He's absolutely LOVING his piano! We got the best deal in the world - were at K-Mart and there was an announcement about a 5 minute sale of damaged goods so we went for a nosy and there was the Fisher-Price Baby Grand Piano which had a sticker on it saying keys 4 & 8 don't work. We had a play with it and it turned itself off every now and then but we decided to get it anyway, Chris said he could try to fix it, it was originally $135.00 and we got it for $5! Yep $5!!! The first thing we did once home was get some new batteries and VOILA just like new! The silly buggers in the shop hadn't even tried that, it was just flat batteries. So we have a wonderful new expensive toy that Caelan LOVES for $5. Best $5 we've every spent. It's so awesome, it has heaps of different songs and sounds and things to play with, it has songsheets to teach them how to play the songs and all sorts. Just the bestest.

Hhhmmmm what else... he has nearly 6 teeth now. I say nearly cause one is only just coming out but it's definitely on it's way. Oh and last night he was super cute - well he's always super cute but last night he did something that really surprised us. He'd gotten hold of some paper and ripped it into a million pieces, no that's not the surprising bit! I was going around picking all the bits up and putting them into his empty dinner bowl so I could take it all into the kitchen, when I got to where he was standing at the coffee table holding some bits he just put his in the bowl for me. It was sooo cute and nearly bought a tear to my eye. hehe He then picked up the next bit and put it in the bowl for me. What a good, good little boy! We've never gotten him to do this before so don't know where it came from. I didn't even think he was watching me do it, I thought he was just playing with the bits he had. He's so lovley :) It must come from putting his toys away in the toybox - we got a new toybox for in the lounge, it's a seagrass chest with a lid which lives under the sidetable. Beats putting them away all the time and then getting them out again! When it's playtime I pull the chest out from under the table and he opens it and gets his toys out to play with, he put's them away again when it's sleeptime. So I'm just guessing the rubbish thing came from that. Or he's just an incredibly intelligent boy - I think that's what it is! :)

PS. I just had to add this after I finished. OH MY GOD CAELAN'S CUTE!!!! He's awake now and I've got him in the office with me, I opened the last photo (below) to show him and he grinned and waved to himself. Soooo cute! Over n' out.

Hanging out on my armchair.


See ya!

Out having sushi for lunch - yummy.

War wounds.

Well the one under my eye is from a nasty bit of concrete that jumped up and hit me in the face! Aaaand the one on my cheek is from this evil, scary bedside cabinet that attacked me.


Sara with NO H said...

Happy Birthday to the big boy!!!

Tanya said...

YAY.. He's a dancer like his mum mum! hehe :)