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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Still not walking

Everything's going really well with our soon to be one year old. He's still happily barking when you ask him what dogs do, he's now started meowing as well which is super cute. And kisses pictures of cats in books - well they are his favourite! hehe Thankfully the screaming NNNOOOOOOOO when he's told no has stopped, didn't like that at all! He's still not walking, just the 4 or so unaided steps that he'll do between Chris and I, which he's been doing for a while. We thought he'd definitely be walking before he turns one, but now it's not seeming so. Even though he's been walking around the furniture and walls etc. since 9 months and walking holding our hands for yonks before that - ah well, you never can predict these things huh? He absolutely LOVES walking and running around behind his trolley, his favourite game is to chase Toa around - so cute!! They play so well together, is gorgeous to watch. They're becoming closer friends every day - gonna be best of friends soon and always together I'm sure. There's probably way more to update on but I just can't think of it right now sorry!

Here are some of the latest photos:
1. Making playdough for the first time, so much fun!
2. Chasing Toa.
3. All tangled in the mosquito net and really hot!


Sandra said...

Hi Saffron!! Wow!! I hadn't realized that poor you and most certainly poor Calean had been experiencing so many troubles with his poor little ears. My son, who is now 7 years old, went through the very same thing. It was awful but he did finally end up having to have tubes put in his ears just before he turned 2 years old. I know every situation is different. My neice had the same problem but didn't have to have anything done and she's 15 years old now and doing wonderful. My son didn't start talking until he was 3 years years old because he couldn't hear clearly. He's 7 years old now and doing well in school. He's just very immature still so we still are continuing to work on his language skills. ; ( It's gets so frustrating sometimes but I know now that he's a young 7 as well if that's makes any sense.

Anyway, I wish I could write about and post pictures of my children. I absolutely love photographing them and most definitely have some stories I could share. Maybe someday I'll decide to do it.

This blog is SUPER CUTE!

My 3 year old baby girl just got out of diapers this year...YIPPEE...WOOHOOO!! And with her being 3 now, we can get out a little more...WOOHOO to that as well!! ; )

Maybe I'll send you a pic of them in an email sometime. ; ) I so totally wish you could take photographs of them for me! ; )

Lovely visiting this blog!!

Smiles and sunlight to ya always from your Texas galpal!!,


P.S. A little early but ......HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY, Calean!!!....April 7, 2007!! ; )

Shellie said...

Hey Saff - Crikey there cute pictures!!!! Caelans walking is great - how longs he been pushing that trolly around?? Well Done!

Saffron said...

Sandra - HHHIIIIII! Thanks for visiting :) Yeah we've had what we can only describe as HELL with Caelan! Poor Chris used to not want to come home from work cause Caelan was so yucky. It really was horrible, not sleeping and screaming a lot of the day and really miserable and revolting cause he was so tired and then bedtime and screaming for up to two hours and then every hour or so throughout the night. No wonder Chris didn't want to come home! hehe I would have run away if I could have!!!! But thankfully our sentence in hell has ended and we have a lovely, delightful little boy to enjoy :) HORRAY!!! So sorry you had to go through evil ear problems - it's just not fair. But at least the good WAY makes up for the bad when it's over huh? Yay for your little girl and being toilet trained :) Thanks again for visiting - it's always a special treat :) xox

Shell - HEY! They are cute huh? Of course I have to say that. LOL We only got his trolley about a month ago so that's how long he's been chasing Toa around with it. Though he's always used the other babies ones at coffee group - for yonks now (maybe 3 months).

Sandra said...

Hey Saffron!! Thanks so much for sharing! Glad to hear that things are going wonderful for the little guy! ; ) And you are so very welcome for the visit and comments! ; )

Take care always!! ; ) xox