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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What a talker!

He really is. Totally blows Chris and I away on a daily basis with his talking and constructing little sentences - it's amazing to watch him think about it, or get annoyed when he gets a word wrong or puts it in the wrong place. He's so clever and really uses his brain - it truly is freakin' amazing to watch. He's now using please in sentences and oh my god - it really is a magic word! One day last week he kept coming up to me while we were at home saying "Up Mama" for me to pick him up. I explained to him that he didn't need to be picked up and carried right then, I told him Mama was doing something and he was fine. There's no freakin' way I want a child that demands to be carried all the time when I've got a newborn that has no choice but to be carried. So we don't pick him up every time he wants for no reason. Well of course, him being the age he is, it got more and more urgent sounding "Up Mama", "Up Mama", "Up Mama" and quite sad sounding. I told him no and Mama was doing something and he should go and read a book or play in his room. Well that was it, the whimpering then turned into sobs and a full-blown crying. Then out he cracked, whilst looking at me with tears running down his face, in the saddest little crying cracked sobbing voice "Up please Mama". Holy moly - if that aint gonna melt your heart I dunno what is!!! Made me cry.

Well that paragraph above was written about 2 weeks ago now and he's progressed even more. He's so clever, really he is, he sentences are amazing and he thinks so much about what he wants to say before he says it. Sometimes his sentences take a while to finish cause he's thinking really hard about the next word and wants to get it right. But that's ok, we just let him finish, even though at times it's really hard and you just wanna tell him you know what he's trying to say. But we don't and we can see he feels really proud when he's finished it and we talk back and tell him how clever he is for knowing that and how well he did. So nice this age seeing all the development and changes which are huge!

Aside from another bloody cold, ear infection, throat infection and hacking cough which before clearing up has kindly developed into a different green-snotted cold, throat thing which is causing his voice to sound rather husky and horrible hacking cough. Sooooo aside from that - he's really good at the moment! hahaha

He knows there's a bubba in Mama's puku and he kisses and rubs it which is cute. He probably doesn't understand, but he'll get there, hopefully before the bubba is born!!!

On the bubba front - we had another scan today and all was good. Though something that Chris and I both thought wasn't a good sign, the bubba is head up and high up by my ribs like Caelan always was. The woman doing the scan thought it was odd that the baby would be up there when it has all the space down below. Which also was hard for her because it was tough doing the scan and finding all the bits with the bubba tucked up there. Eekkk - this is just where Caelan was the whole time and something that I'd been noticing is that I'm getting all kicks down really low this time again. So of course this made Chris and I both say "Uh oh, not a good sign" as soon as she started the scan and told us about the position and how it was odd. It is early days yet, still got 16 weeks to go before they class the baby as really breech. Soooo fingers crossed that this one doesn't play the same game, I really want a natural birth please little bubba.

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