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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bloody evil reflux will be the death of us!

Well I'd started a post a couple of weeks ago under this heading which was all doom and gloom, so I've deleted that and we'll start again :) Yes she has reflux, yes it sucks arse, yes we've had a pretty hard time with things for the last month or so but YES it's starting to feel a bit better. So I shall grab that with two hands and run with it! hehe Nothing like a bit of positivity! We've just increased her dose of losec so hopefully that kicks in soon and improves things even more. The last couple of days haven't been near as bad as what she'd been like, actually they've been damned good. YAY!!!! Aside from the bloody evil reflux she's doing really well, she's a happy girl when she's feeling good which is so lovely. She's now 6.36kg and 61cm long - so growing well. Yay!

Caelan's awesome, he's such a clever amazing little boy and such a good big brother :) He starts daycare soon - eeekkk! hehe But it'll be good - it'll be great for him and he needs to spend time away from me and get used to other people and trust other people. Also I really need it with Siahn being so difficult a lot of the time with the reflux, it's really hard with the two of them and feels horrible when he needs and deserves more time and attention than he's getting on her bad days. It's not fair for him, so due to me really needing a regular break (haha like having a reflux baby is a break!! LOL But at least I'll only have her and not a crazy toddler as well) we've done this. He starts on Tuesday the 19th of this month and I'll be taking him next week a few times for a couple of hours to get used to it with me around. We keep talking about daycare and have bought him a special new daycare bag, lunchbox and water bottle and he's excited about it all. Hope it goes ok because I'm worried about leaving my poor boy :( He's so shy and scared of other people - it'll be hard for him. But good, he does need it.

Here are some photos of them today :) Our little rock boy and sweet girl. hehe


Mel said...

Saffron, I can believe how much the kids have changed since you last wrote! Sooooo gorgeous, I'm sure that Caelan will be fine at daycare, hope it goes well. Siahn is beautiful. Well done :)

Bon said...

Oh so precious ! Man they look the same eh (well boy/girl versions!) I hope everything is getting a bit better blaarrrdyyyy reflux :( I just thought I dont know if you guys have our blog ???? http://www.youmeandpepe.blogspot.com/