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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

And she's off!

She's a real crawler now. It all started properly (i.e. long distance hehe) yesterday, not just the little bits she'd been doing and then decided she just didn't want to do that, it's real crawling all over the place. Though she's still more keen on wanting to be upright and walking round like the big people. She's constantly pulling herself up against anything and everything now and letting go. Crazy girl. Which of course ends up with her falling, but she'll learn soon. She's really controlled though and doesn't hurt herself that much with her falls which is good. We don't catch her or stop her from falling cause that's how she's gonna learn, but it's great she's not hurting herself too much with it. She'd been getting wherever she wanted to go for quite a while now by doing the short burst of crawling, combined with standing on her feet and then twisting around, sitting down and then doing it all again. Now she's just crawling for longer burst. Soooo we have a crawler at 8 months, not quite as early as Caelan (though he was only just before he was 8 months) but pretty much the same time. So much for our last bubba being a bubba for longer! It looks like she wants to be walking really soon too, hopefully the urgency for that within her will diminish a little now that she's crawling.


Bonnie and Ash said...

Yay Siahn, clever girl

Watch out Mummy, Daddy and big brother!

Mel said...

Wow thats great that she is crawling! Nyah got up and walked at 9mths, which was insane in my books, Cooper took longer thank goodness :)