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Friday, January 23, 2009


I'm gonna make up for not posting many pics now! hehe

Caelan's been swimming every day here which he's LOVING, it's awesome to have the pool. I swam with him today but Siahn hasn't been swimming cause she's got a cold. Poor wee girl - she's been waking 12 million times a night lately. Actually I should say: she's been sleeping a few times each night lately. Cause she's awake a whole lot more than she's asleep dammit. Anyway soon the evil teething and cold will be gone! Caelan's also not doing the best on the sleeping front (LOL that's a bloody understatement!) but that's our own fault for getting him so far off his routine while we were down in Whanganui. Hopefully we fix it soon cause it's maddening.

Siahn's standing heaps now and really active on the floor but looking like she wants to go straight to walking rather than focusing on the crawling thing. She's always just getting up, she crawled today but really it's just not for her, she'd much rather be on her feet. Crickey I hope she holds back a bit before fully getting there. She's standing up against anything and everything and taking a few steps while doing this. Slow down Siahn!


Bonnie and Ash said...

Caelan what a big handsome boy you are!

And Siahn is such a beautiful girl! She looks just like a wee doll.

You ar eboth doing such a good job with these wee ones

Great photos Saff (then again you have such beautiful subjects!)


Cooper said...

I LOVE Siahn's little haka stance in that last pic. She makes me smile soooo hard. Yummy little girl.

Love the ones of her and Caelan. Heart melting... little puddle of Maria heart under the desk I tell you! lol

Mel said...

Gosh they look so grown up! Gorgeous photos too.