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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Big kids

Caelan's nearly three and Siahn's nearly one!!!! WOW!!!! I look at old photos of Caelan and get sad cause he's such a big boy now, I don't know where it all went and how it went so fast. And how the hell did a year go by since Siahn was born?!?!

We went to The Wiggles on Sunday and it was soooo good :) Caelan was a little overawed and starstruck but loved it and Siahn the little party girl sat on Chris' lap dancing and clapping the entire time. hehe It was so cute - they both loved it and so did we. Gone are the days of getting excited to see pumping DJs at dance parties! We now get excited and boogy down at The Wiggles concerts. My how things have changed in the last three years. haha

Caelan's great and talks like an adult, is amazingly clever and learns things so quickly. He's so precise and makes sure to get things exactly right. He counts well, knows 1+1, 2+2, 3+3 all the way up to 12+12, he can recognise letters and knows how to spell his name. He makes us sooo proud. He's also driving us crazy with naughtiness at the moment! So things aren't all great, hopefully this "phase" ends soon, we're hoping like hell it is a phase and not just him.

Siahn's standing from sitting without holding onto things, walking around furniture all the time and stand unaided much more. Though no attempts to take unaided steps yet. She says hello and tata while waving, knows I'm Mama and Chris is Dada and nods yes and jabbers all the time. She's also very whingy, like all the time! Hopefully this just isn't her as well!! She's also a snot machine - it honestly seems like she's always got snot dripping from her head which is bloody annoying.


Cooper said...

ew, that pic of Siahn made me heave! All the other shots are GORGEOUS though. You gross lady taking a pic of the snot! lol

Cooper said...

Oh, and there is the Emily's Birthday book that we gave Caelan for his first birthday! Awwwww... how time just flies.

Mama Bird said...

So cute- even with the snottos. Daddy is going to have to park himself permanently on the porch, that girl is GORGEOUS!