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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bigger kidlets

Sheesh it's been a while huh? I must have been busy raising kids or something! LOL

Caelan's good, he's finally totally used to me leaving him at daycare. HORRAY!!! It only took just under 11 months to get a day without crying when I left him. Thank fark it's stopped now. It was so hideous and hard leaving him, when all I wanted to do was pick him up and run away with him and not make him be away from me. hehe But he needed it, otherwise he would have totally fell apart at school time. It took adding another day after he turned 3 to help with things, and the day we added was Monday which wasn't as busy. I think that's helped a lot too. Regardless, I soooooo happy he's happy :) He still gets a little sad about half the time but hardly ever cries now which is fan-freakin-tastic.

He's a biggun too, not that he was ever small, but he's super tall and a heavy 22kg. Just about breaks me to lift him these days! His favourite things at the moment are his little cars, plays with them for ages. It's so cute. He's loving learning as well, spells his name and recognises most letters and says what words start with them. Clever wee thing! He's a great brother too (some of the time!) and just about makes me cry with his sweetness and loveliness to Siahn. Then just about makes me chock him with his beating and evilness to her! hehe

Siahn's good. She's talking a lot more now - she says Mama, Dada, down, up, dog, nappy, hat, shoe, sock, poo, wee wee, cat, woof, meow, moo and a funny horse neighing sound. There are probably more but I can't remember right now. She's always saying stuff and talking frantically at us. Super duper cute.

Here's a whole lot of photos from the last four or so months - they're just crappy quality as only taken on my phone. Been soooooo slack with the camera lately and not been taking photos. Must make sure I get back into it AND the bloody video!

1 comment:

Cooper said...

Ew! VOMIT! You gross Mama for taking pics of your poor sick baby! lol Awesome pics, phone quality is great! Yay for no more crying at daycare... :)