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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Back to swimming

Yep Caelan's gone back to swimming - with Granddad and Grandma Clark's sponsorship. Thanks! :) A woman that used to take her daughter to Caelan's playgroup (before our time) has started up a private swim school called Blue Waves. She came in once to let us know what she offered and a bit about her facilities etc - sounded really good so we're taking Caelan there now. We loved where we used to take him but now we're living out here, the trip to Greenlane every Saturday would suck! Literally, the petrol consumption would be terrifying.

Blue Waves is great, the facilities are under their house, the pool is just as big and heated to the same level, they've got more changing rooms and space to get the kids ready. She has more classes available on a Saturday morning (whereas the only one on a Saturday was at 11am which was a pain) and we're in the 8:30am class so we still have a full day after swimming. It's great - there were only two kids at the first class of the term on Saturday, perhaps people don't want the earlier class because there were way more arriving for the next class as we were finishing up. It was great and Caelan loved it, he was really happy to be swimming again, although his shyness made things a little difficult! He would have really struggled with a big busy class now that he's older and much, much more shy.

Things are going really well, no problems at all with the move to a big bed and it's all just normal now. Yesterday he even had a sleep at a friends place in their spare double bed and there wasn't a problem, so all really good there. The toilet training is still going, he's still not showing that much interest, or he does and asks to sit on the toilet and then gets upset and says no. So we're taking it slowly and we'll get there when he's ready. I'm sure there are more things to say but I just can't think! LOL Bloody pregnancy stealing what was left of my brain. hehe

The pregnancy is going well, this baby is still breech as well but there's still time. I'm hoping with all my might it turns. I just really want to have a labour and natural birth. It'll be so strange and really sad for me to have completed our family and not have experienced any labour, not know what a contraction feels like or any of that. I know there are women out there who'll think that's mad - but hey, they've probably had the choice or experience! :)

Riding Butterscotch with Mama and the Bubba in the puku.

Happily reading my book on the toilet.

Some privacy please!

Hanging out on my bike at the park.

Wetting Daddy at swimming.

About to throw the ball to Daddy.

Sooooo much fun.

Bare bum artist.

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