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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

First hair cut

Caelan's FINALLY had his first haircut!!!! Talk about hair that doesn't like to grow, it's all my fault of course, cause Chris' grows like weeds! Mine never grows - so unfortunately for him, he's gotten this off me. But he's had his first hair cut now, if you can really call it that! hehe The fringe was only slightly cut as it had been annoying him and falling in his eyes for a while, so I cut it a teeny tiny amount. Didn't do a straight across cut though cause I really, really don't like that! Just combed it down and held it between my fingers and cut up the strands rather than across them. He looks kinda funny, but I'm sure nobody else apart from us would even notice, nobody has said anything about it and he's seen a few people since we did it. I pointed it out to Maria this morning and she only noticed it then, so can't look as funny as we think! It just looks a little short and odd to us, but probably cause we were used to looking at it too long. Poor boy, but now he doesn't have to push it out of his eyes all the time.

He is absolutely LOVING the trampoline - it's his favourite thing in the whole world. So cute! It's an awesome thing to do a couple of times a day, he and I will play on it during the day and then him and Daddy play when Daddy gets home. Heapsa fun!

Me and Joe when he visited a couple of weeks ago. He's sooooo cool!!!

Wearing Mama's hat.

Showing George how to play Ring Around The Rosy - I'm sneezing here, can you tell??

Jumping with George.

George having fun.

George and Amia (that's how I say Maria cause I can't do it so well right now) playing on my swing.

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