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Monday, March 10, 2008

He woke up 32 this morning

Well so he reckons anyway! That was the first thing he said to me as soon as I went into his room this morning. He cried, I got out of bed, opened his door saying "Good morning", as soon as he saw me he said "I woke up 32!" I laughed asked "Did you?", "Yes. I woke up 32" he replied nodding seriously. Funny little kid. So before he's even turned 2 he's 32! hehe

He's still got his horrible hacking cough - over five months now. We hate it, it's so horrible to listen to him having these huge coughing fits every night. It sucks, we've gone a full circle! Started off with natural remedies - didn't work, tried a humidifier with eucalyptus oil - didn't work, antibiotics - didn't work, asthma medication, twice daily flixotide and ventolin as needed - did work. We're now back at square one - nothing worked at all. The poor little boy just coughs his guts out a billion times a night. It's not fair. So I'm going to look into different natural remedies, I have a naturopath friend who mentioned something that I'll try. Also, chronic cough in kids is sometimes caused by reflux so that's something to consider and get the doctor to look into more if we still get nowhere.

But aside from that he real good. Everything is going so well, he absolutely loving swimming and getting more used to Jo (the instructor) and having the other kids around him. Such a shy wee boy! He closes up heaps when anyone comes close to him and just clings to Chris, when he's given his space he's swimming and doing all the things he should. It's nice to see that getting a little better.

Well not long to go and he'll have a brother or sister and there's super good news on that front - the baby is now head down!!!!!! So excited and happy about this. We had to have a scan this morning to check the position and WAHOO it's head down. Super duper exciting. So this time I'll get a go at labour and birth as it should be - super cool! It's made me so happy because the prospect of having all our kids and not knowing what a contraction even feels like, let alone the rest of it was so sad to me. Now I get a turn too! LOL I'll probably hate it but at least I get a turn :)

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