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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

It's a tumor, it really is

Well - obviously, there is still not bubba and no sign of one coming ANYTIME soon. Had to go in to be hooked up the monitor yesterday to check the baby and everything is fine there, so that's good. Then it was time for the dreaded stretch and sweep - which sounds truly revolting. I'd prepared myself for this, since she offered last Friday to perform one on the spot - you can't do that lady! One needs to mentally prepared for a hand being shoved up one's gynie infront of their 2 year old!! Not to mention be looking pretty and to at least have some make-up on! hehe So I politely declined saying that I would have one next week once I have mentally prepared. Soooo I prepared myself mentally, and physically - which again involved numerous mirrors at different angles! What a feat!!! I tell ya, I'm pretty bloody proud of myself and all looked delightfully respectable down there after the rather difficult maneuvers. Legs even got shaved for the first time in Christ knows how long - lovely jubbly! I dressed real pretty for my special date, put some Chanel No.5 on, did my make-up real nice and headed off for my gynie poking.

So the baby was great and everything looked fantastic - yay! Then she asked me to take my undies off, ewww, here it comes. It was a dreadful experience and the worst thing about it was I went through all that indignity for NOTHING! My cervix is the highly unfavourable. I don't know what the hell that means, but apparently there's a level between 1 and 8, with 8 being the most favourable and ready. Well mine was a 0. She found the cervix and my naughty uncooperative 0 leveled cervix didn't want to know about the exercise or house work - no stretch and sweep for me thanks ladies hand, get on your merry way and leave me alone! So she couldn't do anything. The end.

Before she did that she asked if the baby felt nice and low and I told her it didn't, I'd told her last time I saw her that two days before I noticed it had really moved up, though she said it felt ok and quite far down. Well during the poking she said that the babies head isn't anywhere near down there, it's very high and not at all where it should be. Felt like saying "TOLD YOU SO, GOH!!!!" and I pretty much did, but in a less childish way. hehe I said "Yeah I didn't think it was, I had felt uncomfortable and like it was really low for a few days and then really noticed it was much higher as I mentioned, and never got back to that low uncomfortable feeling". Sheesh - I know what I can feel lady! She said she doesn't think the baby will make an appearance any time soon and I said I didn't either - she said she can't see it happening for another week and a half at least. I don't know what I think but it's certainly not anytime soon, I know that much.

She told me that at my Specialist appointment this afternoon I have to be certain about what I want and tell him that - which I would do anyway. Basically this appointment is about deciding to book an induction or c-section, I asked her if I'd be able to wait another week before doing that and she said to ask and see what the specialist says after the scan. If there is an issue with liquid then we'll have to book something to get it out, but she thinks if there isn't any issue and the Specialist thinks it's ok then I may be able to buy more time. This is what I'd like to do. Chris is coming to the appointment again and we're going to talk to him regarding our concerns about induction and why we have those concerns, based on experiences we know about. We want to hear what he's got to say. My midwife thinks that because I really want a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) that it would be such a shame to have to book another c-section without trying induction. She just reiterated that from the first time we met I told her that's what I really want and this might be the only way I get it. So Chris is prepared to talk about it now which is a good thing, he really wants a "normal" experience of labour and birth too, but is incredibly worried and scared. It just sucks that the two people we know firsthand who have had labour experiences after c-section have ended really badly, one the worst with baby dying and the other a rupture but thankfully nothing happened to the baby as the surgeon had already made the incision and the baby popped out through that rather than into her stomach cavity. So it is pretty scary stuff but we'll talk to him and listen, then decide.

Caelan - well he's just great! We went for a lovely walk around the Botanic Gardens with Maria and George and he's still sleeping now. Lovely stuff! Will have to wake him soon to get ready for appointment. All's going really well with him though, he's pretty whingy and cries a lot at the moment though. Cries and wants a lot of cuddles - which is nice but can get VERY tiring, the crying thing for no reason especially. He'll come up to me crying for no reason and asking for a cuddle, if I'm trying to do something or get us ready to go out I explain to him that I can't right now and I'll give him a cuddle soon, well it's all on from there. Hopefully this needy crying phase ends soon cause I just can't see it working so well with a needy crying newborn who has no choice but to be just that. Hopefully it is just a phase or related to his last molars that were showing through a while ago, but have disappeared again. That's that for now.

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