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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Still no bubba

We're playing the waiting game, whilst putting pushy specialists and their talk of c-section off! hehe All is going well though, I'm feeling ok. Well aside from the constant bloody pain I'm in of course! I'm getting pretty tired of that, gets to ya being in so much pain constantly I tell ya! Saw midwife on Friday again, she spoke briefly of induction again but I'd told her last week that we didn't want to go down that path and I just confirmed that with her again. Chris is DEAD against it and I'm not that happy myself due to the extra risk it brings, so it's not an option for us. It may have been something that I might have considered, even though the risks of rupture are higher, had we not known of someone first hand with exactly the same situation as ours, end in the worst way possible. Their first baby was breech and had to be c-section with no labour before hand (like Caelan), she was told that this baby was larger than average but was given the option of induction at 41 weeks, which she took because, like me, she was desperate for a natural birth. Her uterus ruptured at the previous scar site, the baby went through the rupture into her stomach cavity and died there during labour. She also nearly died, was very, very sick and has had numerous operations to try to fix up her uterus. There is now no guarantee that she will ever get pregnant again and if she can, they're not sure whether she'd be able to hold a baby in her uterus. Sooooo very sad. Poor, poor people. So due to that (although we knew there was a higher risk anyway), just knowing people first hand makes it that much more real. So it's just not an option for us - perhaps if I had laboured previously or if this baby wasn't large... who knows. But with everything as it is, all pointing to a higher risk of rupture, it's just no go thanks very much. The next specialist appointment is on Wednesday, my midwife wanted on sooner but there wasn't one available, which is good! Cause that's just buying me more time for it to happen in the meantime. I'll be having another scan then to check the liquid around the baby and everything else, then we'll talk about the plan and options again. That's that on this baby that doesn't wanna come out!

Caelan's really good, he's pretty much over his cold now. Still kinda boogery, but nothing too bad, the cough has pretty much gone now too which is super duper good. He's just sooooo lovely and clever and funny. He comes up with the most amazing things. The other day he sat down in his little armchair in his room and told me that he's sitting in his thinking chair to think, think, thiiiiiink - with the last "think" sung. It was soooooo cute! It happens on Blues Clues (one of his favourite things in the entire universe to watch) and he just picked it up from there and copied, singing the song and doing the cute actions. He's lovely - so clever, bossy and adorable. He'll have a hard time getting used to the new baby at the start. Makes us sad to think about it, but he'll be fine.

He went for his 2 year Plunket check-up on Wednesday and is 93cm tall and 16.6kg - his weight was really surprising considering he'd lost so much when sick. And what was even more surprising was that he was off the chart with his weight. He's not even chubby or anything - that's just odd that he'd be off the chart. He was still on the chart with height but right along the top where he'd always been. Apparently if you double the height they are at 2 years old, that's the height they'll be as an adult - if that's the case he'll be 6ft 1.1in. Be interesting to see if that works out being the case. We always thought he'd be taller than that so we'll see.

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