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Monday, June 09, 2008

Siahn's 4 weeks old tomorrow

Bloody hell, second time around it goes even faster! If that's possible!!! I know I was always going on about how quickly the time had gone with Caelan and how I couldn't believe he was already how-ever-old... I have no idea how the hell Siahn is already nearly a month old!!! But she is and she's doing well, putting on weight awesomely regardless of the spewing, which actually isn't as much anymore. She's still "spilly" (find that term really funny), just not as many projectile or huge cot drenching, baby drowning ones - this pleases me! She's pretty screamy but we're hoping it's nothing more than that, refusing to think it's reflux just yet thanks. We keep telling ourselves that these are normal baby things and she wont have reflux, she WONT have reflux, she fucking better not have reflux!!!

She's been smiling since just before two weeks old. Real smiles, smiles where she looks at us and then slowly smiles till it's a gorgeous gummy grin reaching her eyes too. It's so lovely and I've been trying desperately to get a photo of it. So far have only managed to get one on my phone - so the quality is poos. At first Chris thought I was mad when I told him she was smiling, but then when he saw it he knew. Gill has seen it too and thinks that because she was so overcooked she's doing things earlier. She's smiling all the time now, which is good because it makes all the sleep deprivation and screaming much easier to deal with!

She's feeding heaps better but her tongue-tie still concerns me, I dunno if we should get it snipped now before she's too much older and actually has a problem with it. Or do we wait to see if it's a problem. I sooooo don't want her to have speech difficulties due to it, or have a lisp. Might call our doctor to see what he would recommend. A friend visited yesterday and after seeing Siahn's tongue said if it was her she'd get it done. It is pretty tied and when she moves it to cry or anything it gets heart-shaped at the tip (which means it's pretty tight for her and pulling when she moves it), she hardly ever pokes it out of her mouth. Actually I don't think she ever has. It comes to her bottom lip, but that's the most I've seen it come out I think. Something we have to decide pretty soon, like this week I think.

Anyway, here's a photo of her taken this morning. She soooooo looks like Caelan! I remember a photo of Caelan like this and it looks just like this. Crazy.

Caelan's really good. Still snotty but feeling fine now. He's pretty crazy and full-on at the moment - I think it's called being a two year old! hahaha He's great though, aside from being pretty rough and yucky with Siahn a few times - GGRRRRRRR. It's only to be expected though huh? Generally he's pretty good, wowing everyone (including us - though we're getting used to it, so much that it seems odd when other kids his age don't talk! hehe) with his amazing talking. We keep saying that Siahn isn't gonna talk till she's 15 because he's been so amazing at it. We've used up our good talking quote with him and she'll be incredibly slow!


Zarleen said...

Wow, time sure flies!! Siahn's a beautiful little girl. Looking super cute in her pink cardie! Zar xx

Eddie said...

We haven't been on your blog for a while because of da crashed P.C. that lost me the site name. Liz just gave it back to me. Congrats to the both of you again. have just read a bit of the back issues... have just decided that me & Toe probably wont try for any more kids...it sounds to scary. Guess we'll just be happy with a 18 & 19 yr old that only gives us any complaining type noise when we dont get them a new computer game. I will stop complaining. Give Chris a big Gidday from us here in Samoa.

Anonymous said...

Hey Saff

Loving your blog. Second baby the time just flies!! We are getting Isla's tongue snipped on Monday (under GA at SS). It is quite bad..makes the M shape at the tip, like your friend said about Siahn. We waited out to see if it would resolve but NO. If she is feeding OK you might want to make the Dr refer you to SS so they can do it while she is under (only for a few mins)...the idea of them snipping whilst they are 'aware'...eek!!

Hope you and the family are well.