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Saturday, June 07, 2008

We have demon children

We had sooooo sooooooo sooooooooo hoped that Mark II would be a lovely, easy, delightful normal baby. Caelan was/is hard work a lot of the time and with all that reflux shit and screaming he's done/does we had hoped like heck this meant we would get an easy second one but unfortunately it's not seeming to pan out this way. Though it still is early days and I'm not prepared to give up hope just yet. Though yesterday it was a different story - the morning was bad but we finally got out the door and to playgroup where I was asked by a few people if I was ok and that I didn't look good, the beaten look must have been showing through! haha I was too tired and had THE BIGGEST headache known to mankind (well maybe not quite but it sure felt like it!). Then we got back and the afternoon got worse, the worse started when Demon2 screamed A LOT before finally going to sleep and 5 minutes later Demon1 woke after only 30 mins sleep screaming the house down, not able to be stopped or calmed for anything (even The Wiggles who can sometimes help in these bad times didn't work), cuddles, talking, distraction - nothing worked, he just screamed and screamed while pushing me away. I then pleading with him to stop, telling him that I cant handle it at all today and please stop screaming because if Demon2 wakes I'd just cry. Demon2 then woke screaming her head off, I cried and me crying made Demon1 scream louder. I went and got Demon2 from her cot - she just screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed (anyone would think someone was ripping her arms off - I did consider it!). We went back into Demon1's bedroom where he was still screaming blue murder. I sat down on the bed and cried with the screaming Demons, 1 next to me with my arm around him and 2 on my lap throwing herself around. It was horrible. I called Chris crying and all he could hear was screaming. It was a bad, bad afternoon. When it all finally subsided about 45 minutes later and we were calmly watching The Wiggles with Demon2 feeding Gill turned up and Demon1 told her "Mama was crying on my bed, we were all crying". Gawd. LOL She didn't notice or hear what he said though thank fuck! He said it again and I quickly said "I don't know where your digger is, why don't you go and look in your room".


catheine macown said...

Hay ya,
I hope you have had a better days since all that. I understand. I have only 23 months between my 2 older boys.Both were very demanding. and still are now in different ways, but not as bad ( Thank God) .I remeber those day's. sametimes it one day at a time and then it can be 2o mins at a time. Hang in there. From all accounts your a good mum and there is light at the end of the tunnle . you will make it. Its is hard to see some times but you have 2 lovely and wonderfull kids.And a Grate family.
Lots of love
Catherine Macown

Michelle said...

Big hugs Saff I know what its like except I'm trying to juggle 2 screaming babies and a big one, I really hope its not reflux for Siahn! Take care sweetie you are doing an awesome job, all our loves and hugs

Michelle, Sienna, Noah & Lola or the screamen demons as we call the twins lol)

Cooper said...

Sigh... sounds blardy horrid! Hugs to you guys, hope this week brings cooing, laughing and quiet times.

XX Coopers