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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Nurses are nasty

Caelan now hates the nurse he used to love. He got his 15 month immunisations yesterday and he really doesn't like her, she tried to give him a jellybean (I know!!!! You're shocked huh? I was going to let him have a lolly!! hehe But I thought he deserved it, so the first one was going to be yesterday) - he threw it at her angrily saying "No, no, no, no!". She tried again and it got the same treatment. My poor, poor little boy. But the good news is, one ear is only slightly infected still and the other one has completely cleared up. HURRAH! He opened his hand and said "Ouch" to show her his ouch hand (before she horribly jabbed him) and she just about died, she asked what happened and how he got it. I'll just go back to Friday... Caelan and I were hanging outside, I was tidying up the deck and he was on the lawn. There was this horrible scream, when I got to him he was holding the top of the solar light crying, I asked him what happened and he turned and pointed to the rest of the light, still in the garden, and told me all about what had happened. The problem was, it was in his language, not mine. So I gathered that it must have bitten him. I gave him a cuddle, he stopped crying, I took the top of the light off him and all was happy again. He was next to the car and screamed in pain again, I went up to him and noticed his hand had blood dripping all down the fingers onto the ground. I turned it over and just about screamed in shock and then had to calmly tell him that it was ok and we'd better clean it, that it looked ouchy though. I took him inside and my god there was some blood! The light sure had bitten him - it looked like some sharp plastic had scraped a whole lot of skin off the palm of his hand. It looked hideously sore! I cleaned it, savloned and bandaged it, the whole while he was pointing at it saying ouch.

Anyway, when I saw the doctor yesterday I didn't even think to show him the hand, I thought it was fine, it wasn't infected, I'd kept cleaning it with Savlon liquid and had it covered for the first couple of days and it was now scabbing over. All good, or so I thought. Well, obviously not! It needed special cream and it needed it now, it needed to be bandaged, what did the doctor say?!? She was horrified when I told her I thought it was ok and didn't even show the doctor. Opsy. Anyway we now have special cream to be applied twice daily and it is bandaged. Whewf! So aside from having a rather relaxed mother he's doing well now! hehe

My god he's a boy. It astounds me how boys really are boys, without seeing anyone else do grotty boy things, they just do them. Last Wednesday morning after his breakfast, I was wiping his table and he did the funniest thing. He pretended to pick a scab on his knuckle and feed it to me. WTF!??! He was laughing his head off while holding it right infront of my mouth offering it to me. What a grot!!! He's never seen anyone do anything like this, but the boy brain looked at his scab and thought it would be really funny to pretend to pick it and feed it to Mama. He loved my "Eeeewwwwwww!!! Nnnoooooo! YUCK!!!" response of course and did it throughout the day numerous times. Then he offered it to Daddy when he got home and upon Chris' disgusted response he proceded to pretend to eat it himself, laughing the whole time. Funny, funny little boy!

Me and Mama on her birthday.

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Cooper said...

Wow, this is a real nice piccie lady! Awwww... just lovely! :)