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Monday, July 02, 2007

Running, talking little boy

He really is just that - he runs just about everywhere and is constantly talking and he's such a little kid. His real words now consist of Daddy, Mummy/Mama (still calls me Mummy sometimes even though I'm Mama dammit!! Hehe I think he hears other people say it and picks up on it), plane, ear, ouch, hot, dog, Toa, bye-bye, ta-ta, yummy, yucky, says ta when he wants something or is giving something to you and meows like a cat, neighs like a horse, moos, baas and barks like a dog (well kinda - the barking is still a funny closed mouth bark!).

He's been sick for a while - a couple of weeks now. This horrible cold has gone from a blocked up, runny-nose normal cold to a chest infection. Yep he has bronchiolitis again - look the poor little guy to the doctor on Friday as he'd gotten my horrible wheezy cough and he was given some medication to clear up the blockages to ensure that it doesn't turn into an ear infection again. My ears had been blocked and sore for days so I was worried that as he'd gotten the horrid cough his ears could feel like mine and then get infected and lord knows we don't want another freakin' ear infection! Had to go back today for the checkup and he's been put on some ventolin as he's very, very wheezy. We're hoping like hell it's just due to the bronchiolitis and doesn't turn into fulltime asthma like Chris'.

So aside from normal winter illnesses he's doing so well and always astounds us with his gorgeousness and intelligence! The other night he sang along to an ad in tune - Chris and I just about shat ourselves! He's a genius!!! hehe As I'm sure all parents say.

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