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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

15 month Plunket check-up

We just got back and our new Plunket nurse in Clevedon is lovely and she thinks Caelan's amazing. Thought he was so clever with all his talking and stuff - of course he is. He is 13.7kg and 85cm tall - right along the 97% line. He sure is a biggun - even with all the weight he's lost with the lack of eating while being sick over the last month! Thank goodness he had extra to lose and hasn't suffered at all with it, even if he looks skinny to Chris and I now. Well that's all - just wanted to put the update and had to post this photo. It's absolutely classic!!!

Dior on the floor?!?!
What everyone (man, woman or baby) must do should you come across an unwatched Christian Dior handbag on the floor, ah it was a proud moment - 'That's my boy!' hahaha


Sara with NO H said...

Aww...He's getting so big!!! I couldn't find your pages for awhile but tracked back to old comments. Mine is coming in the next couple weeks. A girl though...lol

Cooper said...

yay Caelan! you big strong boy you! :)

Sandra said...

What a cutie!! ; o )

Luv from Texas!!,


Anonymous said...

I am glad the plunket nurse knows what we already knew! he sure is a clever little boy. love him lots. xxx Grandma