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Monday, August 27, 2007

We all survived!

Well we had our first real time away from each other and nobody died! I was scared I was gonna die of worry and missing my boy, but I was ok. It was pretty stressful but I live to tell the story... Chris and I went to Melbourne for three nights and Caelan had a wee holiday with Grandma and Grandad Clark - he would have loved it I'm sure. Hopefully he missed Mama and Daddy though!!! hehe

He has been horrendously clingy with me since we got back though, so I'd say he missed us. It is really frustrating and sometimes I just wanna go out to the paddock and shake my leg, then run! LOL He's really precious when going anywhere and if anyone talks to him, he attaches himself to me (if he's not already there, which usually he is) and buries his face in me. Hopefully this doesn't last too long cause I can't take him anywhere with him being ok with it. He cries and has to be attached to me at all times and if it is somewhere we've been a lot and he knows well, he still has to be attached to me at the beginning and then if he can't see me it's all on, he's screaming and thinking I've run away to Melbourne and left him. Poor boy. Poor Mama. Poor Daddy too. Short may this phase last.

He's really, really good at the moment (aside from the usual colds of course!). He's talking all the time and saying heaps of real words, it's so cute. He understands so much, possibly too much Daddy might say... tonight Caelan hit me with a piece of Lego and when I told him very firmly that we don't hit and looked at him angrily, he smiled, then looked sad and kissed me, as if to say sorry. Chris said quite quietly and fast cause it wasn't actually to Caelan - "You can hit me if I get a kiss afterwards", not thinking Caelan was even paying attention to understand or hear, he was just wanting a kiss. Well Caelan left my side, went around all the lego on the floor and walked right up to him, whacked him in the face and then gave him a kiss on the lips. Be careful what you say! HAHAHA

The cutest boy in the land.


After shower, Mama and me have towels on our heads.

Playtime after shower.

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