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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Roll on summer!

Poor Caelan's sick again, had to take him to the Doctor yesterday cause he'd had a really bad day and night before with a fever, horrible green snot clogging him up, being really, really miserable and having a horrible rash all over his body. Poor little boy! He has a horrid cold, viral infection, red dotty rash, diarrhea and a nasty ear infection (for a freakin' change!!). Though it seems like the worst of it was on Monday and Monday night (not much sleeping for the Clark household that night), yesterday he was so much happier. YAY! Hopefully all of this doesn't last too long now. He'll be contaigous for a while so we're gonna go mad cooped up in the house together - we'll have to invent some new games and do many sundances, cause it'll suck if we can't go outside.

Aside from being sick he's doing well, his talking is improving all the time. It's amazing. He has a pretty large vocabularly now which is growing every day nearly. It's so cool. Let's see if I can remember all the words he says - up, down, plane, light, more, bye, ta-ta, hello, hi, ouch, oh-oo, hot, Mama, Daddy, yummy, yucky, yum, ball, poo-poo, nappy, yeah... I'm sure there are more but I can't remember them.

We had a lovely fathers day - had a huge delicious breakfast on the deck in the sun together which was cool. Then hung out for the rest of the day having fun together. YAY! Caelan wore his new Daddy Rocks t-shirt which was super cute. Here are some pics from fathers day.

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