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Monday, September 17, 2007


We got two little orphan lambs in the weekend - they're so cute and Caelan absolutely LOVES them. He's not too keen on holding the bottle when they're feeding for some reason though. He's always cuddling, kissing and trying to pick them up - though we're enforcing a no picking up the lambs rule. They need to be fed four times a day and Caelan loves coming out to watch them feed, I'm sure soon enough he'll enjoy holding the bottles. I think he doesn't like them pushing at it when he's holding it.

We saw other people and another kid last night! Poor Caelan must have thought that he was the only kid left in the world after so long of not seeing anyone! hehehe It's been AGES due to all this sickness. It was sooooo good!!! Caelan and George had great fun playing together - yay :)

Well here's a photo of Caelan with Met (white ewe lamb) and Code (black and white ram).

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