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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Argh the sleepless nights!

Surely this aint supposed to be happening again at nearly 8 months old... surely. Mummy and Daddy think so anyway!! He's been waking heaps at night and last night was absolute HELL with a completely inconsolable Caelan for most of the night from 2am to nearly 7am. ARRGGHHHHHH!!! Needless to say all three of us are totally buggered and incredibly grumpy today. Caelan's just gone down for a nap after a 40 minute screaming session, no doubt due to feeling so horrible and tired from the sleepless night. Didn't eat lunch cause it was all too hard - poor wee guy screamed as if it was the worst thing imaginable, sheesh it was only kumara. God I wish I could just chuck a fit like that - I'm sure I feel just as bad as him too now. I'm sure Chris wishes he could chuck a fit at work today too - poor thing. Please lord let tonight be better.

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