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Thursday, November 30, 2006

His first real accident

That bastard of a dangerous highchair finally did it! This morning just after breakfast while I was putting Caelan's bowl in the sink I heard a horrible BANG THUD, followed by blood curdling screaming and crying. God I nearly died when I turned and didn't see Caelan or his highchair. I was there before I could think and found him still in the seat and table part of the chair on it's side on the floor. It had all fallen off the legs. I couldn't undo the lock as he had been really jammed against it in the fall and the table part had gone up too far in the opposite direction. I was so scared and just wanted to get him out and cuddle him but couldn't. It was sooooo frustrating! He was screaming the whole time and not moving - I was terrified things were broken, it looked like his arm was broken as it was jammed under the seat in a horrid position. I had to push him a bit and then finally was able to undo the lock and pull him out. My poor, poor little boy! I held him so tight and bawled my head off while saying "Sorry" over and over and over. Nothing was broken and when he finally calmed he was fine. His arm that was jammed was pretty red and swollen looking, had a red bit above one eye and the bottom leg was pretty red. It could have been so much worse, I'm so glad he's ok. Bastard highchair! It's lucky that it's raining today, otherwise there may have been a burning in the backyard! hahaha

Aside from that he's still a poobum! hehe Last night involved lots of crying and way more awake time than necessary in the middle of the night again. He's nearly lost his voice from all the screaming lately, it's all husky sounding and disappears when he's "talking". It wasn't as bad as the night before so hopefully tonight will be even better.

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