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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Such a big boy

Caelan's just not a baby anymore, before we know it he'll be moving out of home! hehe We went to Plunket on Thursday and he's now weighing in at a hefty 10.3kg. Not as heavy as we thought he'd be though which is good!

All is well in the Clark household... We had a great weekend, with swimming on Saturday followed by sushi and mango frappucino afterwards for lunch. He just LOOOVES sushi and thinks mango frappucino is the best thing in the entire world, even better than Mummy and Daddy I'm sure! On Sunday we left the house at 8:30am and were out pretty much all day, getting home in the afternoon and Caelan was such a good boy. He had a wee 30 minute power-nap at Tanya's house and that did him for the whole day - what a star!! It was a huge day for him at the Avondale markets, then to visit Tanya's and off to the Dogue de Bordeaux breeder to visit all the doggies. He loved seeing more Toa's and squeeled and giggled at them.

Playing in my brand new Exersaucer that Grandma and Granddad got me - I'm so lucky!!

Well it is Movember!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Crikey Caelan I hope thats chocolate pudding and not Marmite!! What a lucky boy getting your very own exersaucer! have fun!!