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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Still only two teefs

He doesn't have any more than the original two but lordy, lordy the dribbling is still horrendous. I'm pretty sure we'll see some more soon. He's not as miserable with it either which is great - he's generally pretty happy, is a little more grizzly than usual but all in all pretty damned good. At least he's happy again - I hate it when he's not.

We FINALLY put his new carseat in the car on the weekend! About time, he'd been using his capsule all this time - yep we're bad parents. hahaha He loves the new seat, he really enjoys being upright and being able to see.

We just had a visit from Maria and George which Caelan loved, he thought Maria was heapsa fun! It's really nice to see him interacting with other babies.


Cooper said...

Wow, who is that gorgeous upsidedown baby???!!!

Oh... its only MY SON!!! lol

Cute pics... love the one of Caelan screaming with laughter... he is so yummy, like a squishy baby pillow with the most gorgeous smile!

Bummer about swimming being cancelled this week... hope you have a great weekend Clark Family!

The Coopers

Anonymous said...

Hi gorgeous guy :) Your such a cool dude.. you've got lots of friends.. congrats on the teefs.. top effort