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Friday, December 15, 2006

He crawls! He crawls!

This morning he actually crawled and it wasn't just one or two steps before flopping onto his belly like he has been doing. This was real crawling, though it was pretty damned jerky and stompy looking but it was crawling none the less. I was sitting on the floor wrapping pressies for his cousins and he really, really, really wanted to come over and check them out. 'Well I'll just crawl then' he musta thought and crawl he did. He went for a good little distance too - about the length of my whole leg from toes to hips. Then I made him do it again. Just to make sure! hahaha So FINALLY he crawls. Gawd it's bin a long time coming, just went through posts to see when it all started. He was getting up onto his knees at nearly 4 months and then doing the rock and going backwards at 6 months and now actually crawling at 8 months. That's 2 months to get to the next stage each time - crickey that's a long time huh?!! LOL But he crawls :)


Bonnie B said...

Yeah! I love to watch new crawlers. Pretty soon he'll be slapping his hands on the floor and just grinning as he crawls downt eh hall. Babies love to crawl-- at least mine did and I was so sad when they stopped

Romaine said...

Awwwww how cool!!!! I remember when my Ata started crawling - she went for ages and I very nearly crapped myself for screaming and yelling so much! Nearly scared the bejesus out of her but she's used to it now!!!