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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Saved our sleep

The following post was written yesterday (Sat 09.12.06) but Blogger didn't want to know about it (think it was down). Yesterday was soooo much better! We might just be damned close to breaking this habit by gum. He was a delight - went to sleep immediately as soon as I put him in bed for his first sleep yesterday, without a peep I tell ya! Second sleep he talked to himself for a wee while and then went to sleep - no crying, no screaming, no fuss! At bedtime last night he cried for less than a minute and then to sleep. HOLY GAMOLY!! This is freakin marvellous and totally thrills us. Horray. It's been hard but Tizzy, we love you. So it's back to being strict again and sticking to his routine and really enforcing things we'd decided were important to us right at the beginning which we'd been letting go if they didn't happen. I think we'd gonna a bit too comfortable and secure and thought "We've done so well, our baby is great and sleeps wonderfully" and let things slide a little and just let things happen that we weren't entirely happy with but though 'Oh he'll be right'. Well we learnt the hard way that he wont be right! So at 8 months and 2 days old we dont wanna chuck him away!! It was a different story when he was just 8 months old. hehehe

UPDATE (written today - Sunday 10.12.06): Last night was a bit yucky on the sleeping front. We went out to a christmas dinner and called Chris' parents at 11pm to see if everything was ok and whether they'd be ok with us being out another hour. Well the wee one had been screaming for about half an hour, so we came home and as soon as I heard the screams I knew something was up. It wasn't his usual 'I'M A POOBUM' screaming, it was really frantic and definitely sounding like the 'HELP ME! SOMETHING'S WRONG!' screaming. So I rushed up and found him on his tummy, trapped in his cot. Poor wee thing! Silly boy, don't know how he did this cause he sleeps in a sleeping bag at night to avoid it, and up until this point it's stopped him from being able to. Bummer, so now he can and we have to watch for this in the night sleeps as well as the day. Dammit. It took quite a long time to calm and fall asleep but I got to sleep at 1:30am to be woken by the little snot at 5am - he screamed for about 45 minutes but fell asleep. Horray! We're all mighty tired here today but it's a pretty normal feeling thanks to our gorgeous little boy.

He's soooooo active these days. All over the show and getting places pretty damned quickly and LOVING being able to do this. Though still no real crawling but by jingos he's pretty damned mobile all the same! It's feeling like crawling is gonna happen soon - though we've thought that since he first got up on his knees at about 4 months! haha And then again when he started rocking and going backwards at 6 months! haha So who knows when he'll crawl really.

We've got a BBQ with all his friends from coffee group this afternoon. That'll be heapsa fun! Must remember to take the camera. Right - off to have a wee relax with my green tea and husband before he wakes.

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Bonnie B said...

I tried to post a comment earlier but blogger would let me-- bummer. Anyway I am so happy to hear that things are getting better.