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Thursday, December 07, 2006

He is actually getting worse

Today has been hell. He's screamed heaps before each bedtime - he's only just gone to sleep and I put him into bed at 1:13pm - it's now 3:02pm. He throws himself about so much during these screaming marathons that he ends up trapped face-down in his cot with his legs jammed in the bars and sounds like he's dying. Today has been horrendous and really hard. Freakin Tizzy should come here and try to fix this one before we chuck it away! He's happy when he's awake though so it's not anything other than a sleep/self-settling/putting himself to sleep problem - well that's what we think anyway. But there's no way of being sure - it's all just hit and miss with these wee things that don't tell ya. Because he gets trapped I have to pick him up, then as he's so frantic I hold him till the screams are at a normal level, then it's back in the cot to scream some more while I pat him. It's certainly not getting anywhere this Save our Sleep thing we're trying (well apart from the night-waking which seem to be improving). So at this rate, tomorrow he wont sleep at all, he'll just scream when he's supposed to be sleeping and then feed, play scream again. Awesome.

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Bonnie B said...

Oh these years are so difficult. You are not alone. My 3-year-old slept with us last night because she refused to sleep and we were just too tired to deal with the situation for yet another night. Hang in there by the time they are five, things usually work themselves out.