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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Merry?? christmas

What a first christmas!!!! Caelan's been sick with a yucky cold for a couple of weeks now and it all got much worse last Thursday night - he literally didn't sleep all night. It was horrible. He was in really upset and seemed to be in so much pain and nothing could help him, we just held him while he cried all night. At 3:30am I told Chris to go into the spare room to try and get some sleep cause he was working the next day. He felt really horrible leaving us but did, otherwise he just couldn't have coped on Friday. He got a couple of hours sleep while I sat with poor Caelan and at 6am he came and took the crier for while so I could have a break before he left for work. What a looong hard day for all of us! Poor wee one finally went to sleep at about lunchtime. We had Chris' family chirstmas dinner at our place that night so I had lots of cooking and stuff to do - dunno how I did it?! Auto-pilot's a great thing - it got both Chris and I through the day. It was a lovely night, even though we were zombies - sorry everyone!! But we both really enjoyed it, it was nice to do something normal and hang with family. The nice evening was followed by another yucky night, though nowhere near as bad as the night before, probably due to exhaustion of the short person! While Chris was at work on Saturday (the world just isn't a fair place is it?!?!?) Caelan got worse and was burning up, he continued to get worse so we took him to Ascot Hospital A & E in the afternoon to discover VERY, VERY angry infections in both ears. Poor boy! We left with antibiotics, paracetamol and a temperature of 39 that we needed to get down. So christmas was cancelled this year, he was just too sick. We couldn't go up north to spend christmas with my family - bums, I really wanted him to spend christmas with his 96 year old Great Grandma. Ah well, shit happens! It's been a blur of sleepless nights and a mostly unhappy bubba. Bit sad for his first christmas but there'll be many more and we'll make up for it next year, when he's old enough to really enjoy it. So Merry Christmas - I don't bloody think so! hehe Nah, seriously though, it's been ok - he's heaps better now and we were together, that's all that matters really!

6am christmas morning - Mama and Daddy sure were excited!

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Sara with NO H said...

Aww I really hope he's feeling better. I hope you've gotten your rest up too. (did that sentence make sense?) Anyway, the picture of "mom and dad looking so excited" you guys are sports. I don't think I'd be able to even force a smile.