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Saturday, January 06, 2007


Spoke too soon again! Caelan didn't seem quite right yesterday, but in the morning I put it down to tiredness, then he was worse in the afternoon. Really upset, couldn't be put down and was in pain. Took his temperature and he had a fever again, it was all too familiar now... Soooo off to the doctor we went and sure enough - both ears had gotten worse again and he was running a fever. Poor little thing. We have stronger antibiotics and more paracetamol - he's gonna be addicted to the stuff soon!! Last night was pretty yucky again - all three of us are sooooo sick of ear infections now as we're into our 3rd week of the same ones! The doctor said that he's seeming like he's going to be a problem ear boy and it "usually, hopefully" gets better by the time they start school but it can go on from there. JOY! He could be fine but he just told us that to prepare ourselves as he said it's not looking good so far. Neato.

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