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Friday, January 05, 2007

A new year

Well Caelan's nearly 9 months old and what a fantastic, trying, awesome, heart-breaking, fun, upsetting, wonderful and hard 9 months it's been! We say goodbye to 2006 and look forward to whatever 2007 throws our way. Our little boy is just amazing. He's been through some shit, my god he's been through some shit!! But he's still such a happy, good natured, fun baby (most times!) - he just the best. He seems to be over the ear infections that plagued christmas and new year ending in burst, bleeding drums - poor wee thing, but he's good now. He's a real little trooper! The Dr was amazed that Caelan wasn't screaming his head off constantly after he looked in his ears, I told him that he definitely had been throughout the sickness! hehe But he's tough, our boy. Another course of antibiotics and he's definitely on the mend now. He's booked in for some testing in 6 months to check hearing etc after such a yucky time with it. I hope it's all ok, no point worrying about it till we know for sure so I'll just forget about it till then. :) Needless to say after taking him to check his ears before going away for New Years and discovering they were worse - we didn't go. So Christmas and New Years just didn't happen this year as planned, but I'd say we'll have to get used to things not going to plan. We have a child now! hehe

Well Caelan's all over the show these days, we never know where he is cause he's crawling everywhere. He's started trying to pull himself up on things but hasn't quite mastered that yet. He's fine holding himself up against things and walking around carefully holding on - but I think he thinks he can do it all and just lets go. Funny boy! He closes his eyes real tight when he realises he's gonna fall and waits for the impact. It's so cute. Oh and he run real fast!! When we hold his fingers he loves to run everwhere fast - it's sooooo cute!

His vocabulary his HUGE! He prattles in his own laguage constantly and makes real sentance sounding things - though of course nobody but him can understand them! He knows Mama is me and Dada is Chris and he can say water and cat - though quite odd sounding! But he knows what he's saying and what they are so that's pretty cool. He tries to say dog as well but it just comes out as da - not really there yet!

He's way more cuddly now since getting the ear infection - it's soooo lovely. Shivers gotta go, he's awake and needs tending to!

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