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Monday, January 15, 2007

What's new with Mr Poo?

Well he's still got ear infections and that's definitely getting old now!! It's been pretty hard for all of us for a while and due to that I haven't been in the right frame of mind to post anything. And even if I could it would have just been crying and swearing - doesn't make for nice reading! But things aren't so bad at the moment so I thought I'd better update on our gorgeous boy. The bastard ear infections - we had to go to the doctor again at the beginning of last week as he'd gotten worse and had a fever again. Got given a double strength version of one of the first antibiotics he had but by the end of the week he was still visibly sore. So back to the doctor and sure enough infections were still angry, after being on antibiotics since before Christmas and it not doing anything he's been taken off. This makes me a bit happier as I didn't like all that crap being shoved into him for no reason. Sure if it does something I believe antibiotics have their place, but when they're not working it can't be good for you. Especially a little baby. He's scheduled to have hearing tests in February as there's a risk that there'll be permanant damage to his hearing, or speech problems due to not being able to hear properly while his speech is developing. So at this stage we're playing the waiting game and hoping the infection clears up on it's own.

He had his first fall while standing today, he'd pulled himself up against the coffee table while I was getting his lunch ready in the kitchen. He fell and banged his cheek on the corner while falling - poor little boy screamed his heart out and now has a bruise on his cheek. But he's ok - I'm sure there'll be many more accidents now that he's wanting to get up and about. Oh and he's started clapping all the time and thinks it's just so much fun. He waves more now too - not all the time still but it's definitely better than the odd time he was doing it. It's about one out of 3-5 times he'll wave back - sometimes he'll just clap instead! hahaha His favourite game of the moment is chasing his beach ball around the house. He'll whack it with his hand and then chase it giggling his head off - he and the ball end up all over the place, it's really cute. He's climbing up on everything at the moment - us, the stairs (gulp, have to get that gate up tonight!), the couches, the coffee table, the dog, absolutely anything - he'll crawl up to it and use it so he can stand. Oh and for ages we've been saying we need to put his cot down to the next level but due to colds, ear infections, christmas, new year and being slack we hadn't. Well on Saturday afternoon I went in to get him after his nap and hearing him shouting out to us, I found him standing there grinning at me. Holy shit - I nearly died!!! Needless to say Chris put it down while I fed him. Whew!!! Luckily we didn't find him on the floor on his head screaming.

Yesterday we decided to get out as cabin fever was threatening to kill us. We took Caelan to Mission Bay for a picnic dinner of roast chicken and chips. Caelan experienced junk food for the first time - he had a few hot chips and thought they were pretty damned good. I sucked off all the salt before giving it to him and felt ok about it as they weren't greasy at all. But I was so worried that we looked like "those" parents!!! hehe After dinner we were gonna have a little play on the sand and make sand castles but Caelan wasn't feeling the best so we came home, he wasn't interested in playing at all and just cried. His ears must have been sore because the first half of the nights sleeping was shit. Poor little guy was trying to pull his ears off while he cried. Please ear infections go and bring back the full nights sleep!

He's such a good boy though - we've had a breakthrough with the "no" word. He understands and has learned. We decided not to change our house in any way, everything is exactly as it is before he could move. We decided that he needed to learn anyway and it seemed silly to alter the whole house when babies need to learn boundaries at some stage. So that's what we've been doing. The stereo used to be his favourite place, he'd always end up there pulling all the CDs out. Great fun he thought. Well after much persistent and patient no-ing he's learned that he's not allowed to go there and doesn't even bother anymore. It went from always going there and having to say no and actually move him, to him always going there and having to say no and him stop touching, to going towards there and when you say no turning around, now he will look sometimes and remember so not go. What a good little boy! He hasn't been hear the stereo in ages. Brilliant! He doesn't pull the books out of the bookcase anymore either. Oh he's so good!!!

Such a little angel.

Playing with my ball on a hot day. What ginger hair?!?!?!?!

Stay still dog - I'm going over!

Grotty little boy.

Yummy! Chips are good.

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