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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Our lump

We went to Plunket yesterday for Caelan's 8-10 month check-up but couldn't do it so he just got weighed. He was 11.5kg and 74cm long. Though we're not certain cause he was too tall for the scales and kept putting his feet on the bench and taking weight off the scales! And he wouldn't keep still while doing his length, little worm kept rolling over and trying to crawl away. The nurse and I decided to give up and guess at it based on what got! At Ascot Hospital at the beginning of his ear infections, their scales said he was 12kg but we know he's lost weight in the last month from not eating with the ear infections. The doctors and our home scales say he's 12kg or just under but I don't think he's 12kg anymore (feels lighter and not as bulky), I think he's probably somewhere between 11.5kg and 12kg.

He's so funny with his clapping, yesterday some people on TV started clapping and he clapped with them - real cute! Also as soon as you start singing "If you're happy and you know it..." he claps when you get to the "clap your hands" bit. Oh AND he's got a toy that says "Bye bye" when it hasn't been touched in a while and yesterday when it said it and I copied (which I always do), Caelan waved. Real cute! Our clever, funny little clapping waver.

There're many annoying things about him now being mobile, as well as many great things, but one of the best things is being able to call him and he comes! I'm sure walking's not too far away - he's up and walking around holding onto everything all the time. Climbed up and was standing against Toa this morning, the bummer is that dogs move! hahaha There was a tumble and a few tears but he wasn't hurt at all, just shocked.


Anonymous said...

Hey Caelan, hows it going? I do hope that all is better with your pain in the ear. Some time you should ask uncles Russell and Vincent, about swimming in those public pools. Public pools are uncool according to this Grandad! Perhaps I'm just too lucky having the fresh water river where I live! Anyway if they try and put you back in those yucky places, scream your head off!
Hugs and kisses from,
Grandad of OZ.

Bonnie B said...

I hope his ears are feeling better-- poor boy!
But he still looks as cute and as happy as ever

Saffron said...

hahaha Funny Grandad of OZ. Good thing he's never been in a public swimming pool in his life!!! His ear infections came after a bad cold that blocked up his eustacian tubes - poor little boy.

Hey Bonnie - thanks! And good to see ya :)