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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

So much vomit!

It all started last Tuesday, the day after his birthday. Caelan had a relatively normal day, had still been complaining of a sore tummy every now and then but things seemed like they'd been fine and moved on from the feverish tummy bug. He had dinner and got ready for bed as usual, went to sleep easily and woke after just over an hour of sleeping crying strangely. Usually if he wakes crying we'll leave him for 10 or so minutes to see if he'll settle himself, but this cry wasn't normal - he sounded really sad. Chris went in and I heard him say "Oh Buddy...", for some reason I knew he'd vomited. I went in and his room reeked, he'd spewed everywhere through his bed and all over himself in his sleep. Poor boy, he was so sad and feeling so horrible. We cleaned him up and then I sat with him in our bed while Chris cleaned up and changed his bed. Poor little kid sat cuddling me crying and feeling horrible, with the vomit coming every 15 minutes. It was horrible and I just wanted it to stop - he felt so dreadful. After a while he stopped crying in between vomiting but would cry again as he obviously felt more sick just before, he would cry and say "I'm sick" and then he'd be heaving again. This 15 minute vomiting continued on till 4am, he got to the stage where he was asleep propped in our bed between us and when the crying in his sleep would start, we'd lean him forward to vomit and then he'd cry and whimper some more before falling back onto the pillows asleep again. So sad to watch. But after 4am it ended so we put him back to bed, leaving the door open to hear him.

We took him to the Doctor the next day with him spewing all over himself and the car on the way there, were told it's a virus and should be gone within 24 to 48 hours. We got some more paracetamol and some pedialyte to replace the fluids (but he hates it and wont drink it!). The vomit continued, and continued and continued - never as frequent as it started but it was every day never the less (sometimes more, sometimes only a few times) and every night in his sleep. We thought he'd had his last episode on Saturday night in his sleep because he had a much better Sunday than he'd had since it started. He wasn't crying and saying he had a sore tummy and finally ate - he had a small breakfast, small lunch and small dinner - WAHOOO!!!! He pretty much hasn't been eating since having it, only eats a tiny amount of something once a day, we'd been really careful with what he'd been eating, no milk the whole time etc, nothing too rich, nothing that would upset an already upset tum etc. and has lost soooooo much weight. Makes us so sad. His nappies that he'd nearly outgrown now fit him easily again, his clothes are lose and he feels really small and light. Sucks - he was weighed when he went in to the Doctor after the first night of vomit and he was 17kg, I'd say he's nowhere near that now. Poor little kid. At least he wasn't skinny to begin with, otherwise he'd really be suffering now.

Anyway, it isn't over as we'd hoped. Chris' Mum wanted him for the day yesterday and on Sunday night I said that he'd been better but I'd like to see what he night was like and that I'd let her know in the morning. Anyway after his good night on Sunday night I felt ok about him going for the day yesterday. But I was silly and didn't say not to give milk - when we spoke to him in the evening we learned how silly I was to not mention it! He'd had a big glass of milk after not eating much dinner, so I explained the type of cry he does if he spews in his sleep because I was certain it would happen after the milk, we asked if she could call us if it happened cause we wanted to go there to be with him, sure enough he spewed in his sleep again last night, poor little boy. We got the call at around 1am after he was back in bed and asleep though, so we lay there worrying about him, then I got annoyed with Chris' snoring as I lay there unable to sleep for pretty much the rest of the night. My poor, poor little boy. I spoke to him this morning and it made me cry when he said he loves me. I just wish he wasn't sick. It's not fair to be this sick for so long fuck it.

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