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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Nappy is for sleep time only

He's doing so well with the toilet training, the only time he wears a nappy is for sleeping. He's bare-bummed the whole day and just takes himself to the toilet whenever he needs to go and shouts excited for me to look. It's so great! We then go through a ritual of emptying the potty into the toilet and he flushes, then he choses a treat from the treat jar. This sits on top of the microwave so he can see it all the time and be reminded that when he goes to the toilet in the toilet or potty he gets a treat. We haven't had one accident at all. It's awesome! So the next step is to move to undies only, then undies and pants over the top. We'll keep doing what we've been doing for another week and then move on I reckon.

He had such a horrible night last night, woke at 2am screaming oddly and was burning up. Horrendous fever, like fire to touch and he was shaking and twitching. So scary. We took his jarmies off and put wet flannels all over him to cool him down. Finally got pamol into him when he calmed enough and he got a bit better, his temperature was just over 40 by then and he wasn't shaking or twitching as much. We'd gotten dressed and were gonna take him to hospital, but then he got happier and seemed a bit better, even though he was still really hot, at about 4am he asked to go back to bed. So I put him in bed with just a nappy on and lay in bed listening to his fitful, whimpering and moaning sleep with lots of sleep talking, he slept for about an hour before waking crying again. He came back into bed to sit with us and get more flannels and cold water, really not happy and still hot, he then asked to go back to bed at about 7am or just after. When he woke at 8:30am he was crying, shaking and twitching again but not as hot - took him to the Dr and temp had gone down to just over 39. Dr couldn't find anything else wrong with him - apart from the fever. He hasn't had runny poos, was totally fine and happy all yesterday, doesn't have a cold, ears fine, throat fine. Anyway we got more drugs to get the fever down and the Dr said to get him a iceblock straight away to try to get the fever down more. He's not interested in eating anything and is horribly pale, like a ghost and mottled looking. But he ate half the iceblock and the paracetamol and ibuprofen have made him feel much better. Really not himself though - he looks horrible, real pale and eyes look awful. Makes me so sad. So we had a hideous night here and are all VERY tired. Hopefully that's the end of it and he has a better sleep tonight.

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