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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

All good in our hood

Everything's really going well. Caelan's such a happy chappy now and the lowered dose is going well *touch wood*! Hurrah!! He's really happy and relaxed most of the time which is oh so nice for Mummy and Daddy.

Saturday was a hideous, hideous day and night though - not sure why but he was really, really grizzly and unsettled. It got worse over the afternoon and evening and ended with him screaming uncontrollably for close to two hours in my arms. Nothing would calm him, even just a little - it was his worst scream for the whole time, no breaks, no lessening. It was really horrible. Chris had gone out for the night and got home to Caelan and I sitting together crying. Poor little boy then konked out finally. Poor, poor boy. Poor Mummy too goddamit all! hehe He woke on Sunday completely fine and has been since. So it was just a bad time for him, which all babies get unfortunately!

He's now eating meat and hates it! hahaha But I'm sure he'll get used to it soon. Ugh it really disgusts me feeding it to him (me being a non-meat eater and all), it smells so yucky! Also I can't test the temperature in my own mouth how I have been up until this point, that's Chris' job when he's home and the fingers job when he's not.

Caelan starts his swimming lessons soon. SOOOO EXCITING! We can't wait. He starts on Saturday the 7th of October, a couple of weeks time. Super excited bout this :) I'm sure he'll love it. Ohhhh that reminds me, I'd better check out Trademe for some swimming togs for him.

Here's Caelan last Friday with all his friends from coffee group. Left to right - Porter, Liam, Bella, Mitchell, Grace, Lily and Caelan. Aint he a biggun?!

1 comment:

Shellie said...

You have quite a few mates there Caelan! Glad to hear your all doing well :)