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Thursday, September 07, 2006

A "normal" bedtime

We have succeeded! Last night Caelan went to bed at 7:30pm and slept till 7am. YAY!! Well he's been sleeping till 7am for ages but the point is he WENT TO BED AT 7:30pm. That's blimmin' awesome! He was going to bed too late so Chris and I had no time together, Caelan would go to bed and we'd pass out. haha Quite literally!! We've been working towards getting him a bit earlier each night and finally we hit the target. Bloody marvelous!

He's also changed from three hourly feeds to four hourly - this was a bit damned scary, we thought it might make him wake in the night, but no. For the last two days he's fed four hourly and has still slept through, so we were right - it was time! God we're good!!! hehehe

Another thing that happens a bit more now is sitting unassisted. Well not really, ok it could be called just balancing for a wee while at time. Sometimes three or so minutes - but he's sitting by himself, this is exciting. Chris and I both get super excited and tell him he's "Such a good boy!!", he's probably wondering what the hell his mad parents are on about now... ah well.

This is my friend Olivia - she's got reflux too. We play once a fortnight and I spew on all her toys.

You're real pretty Olivia.


Cooper said...

Yay for the sitting little Buddha! Awesome job on the sleep routine guys... I'm jealous! G is still waking at 4 or 5am for a feed. Every night I pray to the 'sleep through the night' gods but to no avail.

Cute pics! Love the drool patch on Caelan's top!

Enjoy your time Mummy/Daddy time together now!

Shellie said...

Good on you Caelan! Thats a huge sleep - bet Mummy and Daddy are reeaaal happy!