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Monday, September 11, 2006

Oh the fear

We doing something terrifying... we're trialling reducing Caelan's losec. GULP! It's real scary and the thought of him turning back into The Screaming is horrifying, it truly is. But we hate giving him all this crap so have only given him half for the last two days. He has the morning dose and we haven't given him the night one. I dunno how it's going... Last night he was really unsettled, but then again we did go out to Dressmart to get him some more clothes (constantly having to do this at the rate he grows!) and he missed a sleep. So it was more than likely just overtired - we hope! He screamed this morning for 40 minutes too - dunno what that was but I do hope it wasn't reflux related pain. He stopped though and was able to be calmed so I'm thinking not...

While doing the groceries last week I saw a note on the board for a wooden highchair for sale - $10! I knew Chris wouldn't like it as he hates the wooden ones but it was 10 dollars! So we discussed it and decided that even if we just use it till we can get the one we want and then sell it. On Saturday morning off I went to check it out, it lived down the scungiest street and in an even scungier block of flats. I walked through the mud and gunk, past piles of rubbish and discarded furniture and kids toys to the door. UGH. Surprisingly it was in really good condition - needless to say I scrubbed the shit outta it and then disinfected it before Caelan could even look at it!

We definitely wont be keeping it though, it doesn't have any straps to hold him in safely and it's not very stable. Where the seat sits on the legs is really unstable and it's nearly fallen off twice. We used it in the weekend but then last night I was back to feeding him in the bouncinette (as horrible as that is to use!) as it's safer. He really enjoyed sitting up to eat and being able to look around at everything. So we shall get one soon.

Yesterday Caelan did a 180 degree turn while on his tummy. It was so funny, we put him down facing his toys and we were on the couch behind him. 'Stuff the toys!' he thought 'I wanna see you guys' and turned around to see us. He didn't roll, he just turned on his tummy - shouting and making monster noises the whole time. So cute!


Cooper said...

Cute chair guys! I love the wooden chairs but they are a little dodgy as quite a few of them have no straps.

Best of luck with reducing the Losec... I'm sure Caelan will be fine. Remember you had the wonderful freaky doctor man work his magic!

hope to see you guys later in the week,
Maria and George

Shellie said...

Hey Caelan,
Well done on the spinning little boy! Hope the med change goes well, good luck to you all!